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Word 2007

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Getting Started with Word 2007
1.1 Exploring the Word Window
1.2 Exploring the User Interface
1.3 Exploring the Ribbon
1.4 Document Navigation
1.5 Selection Techniques
1.6 Viewing Documents
Lab 1.1 Exploring User Interface
2.0 Creating a Word Document
2.1 Entering, Navigating, Selecting Text
2.2 Working with Blocks of Text
2.3 Searching for and Replacing Text
2.4 How to Save Your Document
2.5 How to Preview and Print Your Document
Lab 2.1 Search and Replace
Lab 2.2 Preview and Print
3.0 Formatting the Contents ~of a Document
3.1 Text Formatting
3.2 Copy Formatting
3.3 Find and Replace Formatting
3.4 Automatic Formatting
3.5 Paragraph Spacing and Indents
3.6 Setting Tabs and Aligning Text
3.7 Paragraph Alignment and Page Breaks
3.8 Adding Borders and Shading to Paragraphs
3.9 Applying Styles
3.10 Creating Lists
Lab 3.1 Automatic Formatting
Lab 3.2 Applying Styles
4.0 Page Layout
4.1 Modifying the Orientation
4.2 Page Borders and Colors
4.3 Adding Headers and Footers
4.4 Modifying Content from Print Preview
Lab 4.1 Modifying Orientation
Lab 4.2 Adding Headers and Footers
5.0 Proofing and Printing ~your Word Documents
5.1 Spelling and Grammar
5.2 Using AutoCorrect and Word Count
6.0 Graphics
6.1 Adding and Using Graphics
6.2 Adding Symbols and Special characters
6.3 Watermarks
Lab 6.1 Adding and Using Graphics
Lab 6.2 Watermarks
7.0 Tables
7.1 How to Create a Table and Enter Data
7.2 How to Change the Table Structure
7.3 Formatting the Table
7.4 Converting Text to Table
Lab 7.1 Converting Text to Table
Level 2
1.0 Working with Styles
1.1 Creating Text Styles
1.2 Modifying Styles
1.3 Renumbering Lists
1.4 Sorting Lists
1.5 Customizing and Structuring Lists
Lab 1.1 Creating Text Styles
Lab 1.2 Sorting Lists
2.0 Sections and Columns
2.1 How to Create and Format a Section
2.2 Controlling the Appearance of Characters
2.3 Adding Headers and Footers
Lab 2.1 How to Create and Format a Section
3.0 Formatting Tables
3.1 Positioning the Text in a Cell
3.2 Adding Borders and Shading
3.3 Sorting Table Data
3.4 Performing Calculations in a Table
Lab 3.1 Positioning Text in a Cell
Lab 3.2 Adding Borders and Shading
4.0 Printing Labels and Envelopes
4.1 Printing Labels and Envelopes
5.0 Templates and Building Blocks
5.1 Introduction to Templates
5.2 Creating a Template
5.3 How to Apply a Theme
5.4 What are QuickParts
5.5 Modifying QuickParts
Lab 5.1 Introduction to Templates
Lab 5.2 Creating a Template
Lab 5.3 What are Quick Parts
6.0 Graphics
6.1 Working with Diagrams
6.2 Customizing SmartART
6.3 Drawing Tools in MS Word
6.4 Displaying Text as a Graphic
7.0 Document Revision ~Management
7.1 Tracking Changes in a Document
7.2 Adding, Editing, and Viewing Comments
Lab 7.1 Adding Editing and Viewing Comments
8.0 Web Features of MS Word
8.1 Saving a Document as a Web Page
8.2 Adding Hyperlinks
Lab 8.1 Saving a Document as a Web Page
Level 3
1.0 Mail Merge
1.1 Creating a Mail Merge
1.2 Creating Labels
2.0 Forms
2.1 Adding Form Fields
3.0 Sharing and Securing ~Your Documents
3.1 Updating the Properties of a Document
3.2 Hiding Text
3.3 Modifying User Information
3.4 Removing Personal Information
3.5 Setting Restrictions on Formatting and Editing
3.6 Adding Digital Signatures
3.7 Setting Password Protection
3.8 Creating and Merging Multiple Versions
4.0 Macros
4.1 Recording and Running Macros
4.2 Modifying and Deleting Macros
5.0 Toolbar and Keyboard ~Customization
5.1 Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
5.2 Customizing Keyboard Layout
6.0 Working with Long Documents
6.1 Inserting Blank and Cover Pages
6.2 Adding Tables of Contents
6.3 Inserting Footnotes and Endnotes
6.4 Adding Captions
7.0 XML Features
7.1 Working with XML in Word
8.0 Using Word 2007 ~with Other Programs
8.1 How to Link to an Excel 2007 Worksheet
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