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Word 2003

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 First Steps in Word
1.1 Starting Word
1.2 The Word Window
1.3 Creating Content
1.4 Fundamental File Operations
1.5 Working Comfortably in Word
2.0 Fundamentals of Working in Word
2.1 Copy and Paste
2.2 Select and Do
2.3 Help
3.0 Working Productively in Word
3.1 Working productively in Word
3.2 Navigating Word Documents Efficiently
3.3 Selecting Efficiently
3.4 Working as a Power User
4.0 Templates
4.1 New Word Documents
4.2 The Blank Document Template
4.3 Custom Templates
4.4 Managing Templates
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Level 2
1.0 Content
1.1 Creating Content
1.2 Inserting Symbols and Characters
1.3 Spelling and Grammar
1.4 AutoFormat and AutoCorrect
1.5 Automating Content Creation
1.6 Using Word Reference Material
1.7 Working with Fields
2.0 Formatting Word Documents
2.1 The Format Menu
2.2 Paragraph Formats
2.3 Bullets and Numbering
2.4 Borders and Shading
2.5 The Format Painter
2.6 Styles
2.7 How to Un-Format a Document
3.0 Aligning Text with Tables
3.1 Tables
3.2 Tabs
4.0 Managing Documents
4.1 Save and Save As
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Level 3
1.0 Sections
1.1 Pagination
1.2 Page Setup
1.3 Headers and Footers
1.4 Creating Multiple Sections
1.5 Headers and Footers in Multiple Sections
1.6 Newspaper Columns
2.0 Making Documents Accessible
2.1 Juggling Projects
2.2 Juggling Projects
2.3 Document Tables and Indices
2.4 Endnotes-Footnotes & Cross References
2.5 Auto summarize
2.6 Master Documents
3.0 Macros
3.1 Creating Macros with the Macro Recorder
3.2 Playing Macros
3.3 Macro Security
3.4 Editing and Managing Macros
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Level 4
1.0 Reviewing Documents
1.1 Highlighting
1.2 Collaborative Reviews
1.3 Compare and Merge
1.4 Comparing Document Versions
1.5 Sealing and Protecting Documents
2.0 Forms
2.1 Creating Forms
2.2 Advanced Forms
2.3 Protecting Sections of Complex Forms
2.4 Fill-in Fields
3.0 Working with Web Documents
3.1 Saving and Opening Web Documents
3.2 Publishing to the Web
3.3 Working with Hyperlinks
3.4 Applying Themes
3.5 Structuring Documents Using XML
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Level 5
1.0 Photos Clip Art and Word Art
1.1 Inserting and Positioning Pictures
1.2 Photo Alteration
1.3 Compressing Pictures
1.4 Clip Art
1.5 Word Art
2.0 Drawing
2.1 Basic Objects
2.2 Creating Freeform Diagrams
2.3 Organization Charts and Diagrams
2.4 Charts
3.0 Final Format Tips
3.1 Creating Textboxes
3.2 Page Borders
3.3 Page Background and Watermark
4.0 Envelopes Labels and Mail Merge
4.1 Envelopes and Labels
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