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Windows XP

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Getting Started with Windows XP
1.1 Logging on to Windows XP
1.2 Using the Mouse
1.3 Identifying Windows Objects
1.4 Shutting Down Windows XP
1.5 Section Summary
2.0 Working with the Desktop ~and Windows
2.1 Launching an Application
2.2 Window Elements
2.3 Section Summary
3.0 Working with Files and Folders
3.1 Understanding Files and Folders
3.2 My Documents Folder
3.3 Opening a File & Saving a File
3.4 Deleting a File
3.5 Creating Your Own Folders
3.6 Moving Files to a Folder
3.7 Deleting a Folder
3.8 Renaming a File and/or a Folder
3.9 Searching for Files & Folders
3.10 Section Summary
4.0 Using Windows Help
4.1 Ask a Question
4.2 Section Summary
5.0 Customizing Windows XP ~(Control Panel)
5.1 Changing the Desktop Appearance
5.2 Customizing the Keyboard and Mouse
5.3 Customizing the Start Menu
5.4 Section Summary
6.0 Installing & Uninstalling ~Applications
6.1 Installing Applications
6.2 Uninstalling Applications
6.3 Section Summary
7.0 Protecting Your PC
7.1 Windows Update Service
7.2 Section Summary
Course Conclusion
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Level 2
1.0 Installing & Uninstalling ~Applications
1.1 Installing an Application
1.2 Uninstalling an Application
1.3 Section Summary
2.0 Printers & Hardware
2.1 Add a Local Printer
2.2 Add a Network Printer
2.3 Printer Preferences
2.4 Section Summary
3.0 User Accounts
3.1 Account Types
3.2 Switch Users
3.3 Section Summary
4.0 Network Basics
4.1 Overview & Network Places
4.2 Mapping Drives
4.3 Storing Files on the Network
4.4 Share a Folder
4.5 Share a Printer
4.6 Section Summary
5.0 Maintaining Windows XP
5.1 Windows Update
5.2 Maintaining Local Drives
5.3 Backing Up Your System
5.4 Section Summary
6.0 Windows XP Security
6.1 Virus Protection, Updates & Firewall
6.2 Section Summary
Course Conclusion
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