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Windows Vista

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Windows Vista Environment
1.1 The Windows Vista Desktop
1.2 The Taskbar and Start Menu
1.3 Window Management
1.4 Windows Help and Support
Lab 1
2.0 Folders and Gadgets
2.1 The Windows Vista Desktop
2.2 The Taskbar and Start Menu
Lab 2
3.0 Content Management
3.1 Files and Folders
3.2 Content Searches
Lab 3
4.0 Customization
4.1 The Desktop and Start menu
4.2 System Settings
Lab 4
5.0 Internet Explorer and Multimedia
5.1 Web Browsing
5.2 Customization
5.3 Multimedia Content
Lab 5
Level 2
1.0 System Management
1.1 Security Center
1.2 Windows Defender
1.3 System Restore
Lab 1
2.0 Managing Multiple Users
2.1 Windows Vista User Accounts
2.2 User Switching
2.3 Managing Passwords
Lab 2
3.0 File Management
3.1 Advanced File and Folder Management
3.2 Disk Maintenance
3.3 Using Windows Backup
Lab 3
4.0 Print Management
4.1 Windows Printing
4.2 Managing Print Jobs
Lab 4
5.0 Networking
5.1 Windows Networking
5.2 Sharing Files
5.3 Sharing Printers
Lab 5
6.0 Collaboration Tools
6.1 Windows Meeting Space
6.2 Windows Calendar
Lab 6
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