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Windows 2000

Instructor: Rick James
Rick James has worked in the computer industry since 1985, when he began his career as a computer science major working for WordPerfect Corporation. His interests later turned from software development to business and marketing within the computer industry. James is a co-founder of Makau Corporation. His goal is to provide good technical and business training in laymen's terms. He presents complex concepts in ways that all employees in an organization or an individual student can understand.
Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Getting Started
1.1 Logging into Windows 2000
1.2 Using the Mouse
1.3 The Start Menu
1.4 The Taskbar
1.5 Working With Windows
1.6 Shutting Down Windows
2.0 File Management
2.1 File Management Terms
2.2 My Computer
2.3 Windows Explorer
2.4 Creating a Folder
2.5 Moving, Copying, and Deleting Files
2.6 Recycle Bin
2.8 Section Summary
3.0 Finding Files
3.1 Find Options & Advanced Find Options
3.2 Section Summary
4.0 Working with Applications
4.1 Launching an Application
4.2 Section Summary
5.0 Internet Explorer
5.1 Entering Text in an Outline
5.2 Navigating Specific URL's
6.0 Windows 2000 Help
6.1 Help and Support Dialog Box
6.2 Section Summary
Level 2
1.0 User Accounts
1.1 Logging on to Windows
1.2 Section Summary
2.0 Network Basics
2.1 Network Types
2.2 My Network Places
2.3 Sharing
2.4 Accessing the Network
2.5 Map a Network Drive
2.6 Section Summary
3.0 Maintain Windows 2000
3.1 Drive Maintenance
3.2 Backup Utility
3.3 Scheduled Jobs
3.4 Copying Files
3.5 Section Summary
4.0 Printer Setup & Job Management
4.1 Setting Up A Printer
4.2 Printer Settings
4.3 Job Management
4.4 Section Summary
5.0 Shutting Down
5.1 Section Summary
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