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Visio 2007

Course Outlines
1.0 Visio Introduction
1.1 What is Microsoft Visio
1.2 Interface Overview and Toolbars
1.3 Hiding and Showing Toolbars
1.4 Choosing a Drawing Type
1.5 "Drawing, Rulers, Grids, and Guides"
1.6 Using Zoom
Lab 1
2.0 Working with Shapes
2.1 Using Shapes
2.2 Selecting Shapes
2.3 "Cut, Copy, and Paste"
2.4 Using Undo
2.5 Resizing Shapes
2.6 Moving Shapes
2.7 Duplicating Shapes
2.8 Aligning and Distributing Shapes
2.9 Rotating or Flipping Shapes
2.10 Grouping Shapes
Lab 2
3.0 Working with Text
3.1 Typing and Editing Text
3.2 Using the Text Box Tool
3.3 "Changing Text Color, Size, and Alignment"
3.4 Using the Format Painter
3.5 Inserting Symbols
Lab 3
4.0 Working with Pages
4.1 Adding Pages
4.2 Switching Between Open Pages
4.3 Removing Pages
4.4 Using Page Setup
Lab 4
5.0 Enhancing Shapes
5.1 Manually Connecting Shapes
5.2 Auto Connecting Shapes
5.3 Changing Line Styles
5.4 Changing Fill Color
5.5 Adding Shadows
6.0 Enhancing Drawings
6.1 Inserting a Comment
6.2 Adding Backgrounds
6.3 Adding Borders and Titles
6.4 Using a Theme
6.5 Adding a Chart
6.6 Inserting a Picture from ClipART
Lab 5
7.0 Working with Visio Files
7.1 Using the Status Bar
7.2 Using the Print Preview
7.3 Saving a File in a Different Format
7.4 Saving as a Web Page
7.5 Using Templates
7.6 Creating a Drawing to Scale
7.7 Creating a Template
7.8 Working with Multiple Drawings
Lab 6
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