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SharePoint Designer 2007

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Introduction to SharePoint Designer
1.1 What is SharePoint Designer?
1.2 Benefits of using SharePoint Designer
1.3 Overview of the SharePoint Designer Environment
2.0 Web Design Concepts
2.1 Web Pages and Web Sites
2.2 Overview of the Structure of a Web Site
2.3 Plan and Layout the Structure of a Web Site
3.0 Navigate in SharePoint Designer
3.1 Opening an Existing Site
3.2 Using Task Panes
3.3 Using the Navigation Pane
3.4 Using the Folder List
3.5 Overview of Site Settings
3.6 Accessing Site Reports
Lab 1
4.0 Create a Site using SharePoint Designer
4.1 Creating a Blank Site
4.2 Creating a Site from a Template
4.3 Import a Web Site
Lab 2
5.0 Create a Page on Your Site
5.1 Selecting a Page Type
5.2 Lay Out a Web Page
5.3 Working with the Toolbox
Lab 3
6.0 Insert Text to a Page
6.1 Add Text
6.2 Adding Hyperlinks
6.3 Using Styles and Effects
6.4 Use the Find and Replace Commands
Lab 4
7.0 Modify Text
7.1 Overview of Methods for Selecting Text
7.2 Using the Cut, Copy, and Paste Commands
7.3 Using the Office Clipboard Feature
7.4 Using the Undo and Redo Commands
7.5 Using the Spell Check and Thesaurus
Lab 5
8.0 Text Formats
8.1 Using the Formatting Toolbar
8.2 Changing Font Type and Size
8.3 Applying Color and Highlights
8.4 Using the Format Painter Feature
Lab 6
9.0 Paragraph Formats
9.1 Applying Bullets and Numbers
9.2 Applying Borders and Shading
9.3 Modifying Indents and Line Spacing
9.4 Using the Paragraph Dialog Box
Lab 7
Level 2
1.0 File Management
1.1 Working with the My Places Toolbar
1.2 Inserting a File
1.3 Adding a File from a Scanner or Camera
1.4 Overview of Using File Formats
1.5 Overview of File Properties
Lab 1
2.0 Dynamic Web Templates
2.1 Creating a Dynamic Web Template
2.2 Using a Dynamic Web Page Template
2.3 Using a Dynamic Web Site Template
2.4 Modifying a Dynamic Web Template
3.0 Importing and Exporting a Site
3.1 Importing a File and Site
3.2 Exporting a File
3.3 Importing and Exporting a Web Package
Lab 2
4.0 Working with Code View
4.1 What is HTML
4.2 Overview of the Structure of HTML
4.3 Overview of the Code Window
4.4 Overview of the Color Coding Scheme
5.0 Applying Basic Tags
5.1 Using Formatting Tags
5.2 Using Alignment Tags
5.3 Using Color Tags
5.4 Open the HTML Menu
5.5 Using the HTML Toolbar
Lab 3
6.0 Using the Tag Properties Window
6.1 Showing and Hiding the Tag Properties Window
6.2 Using the Tag Properties Button
6.3 Overview of Tag Attributes
6.4 Modifying Tag Attributes
Lab 4
7.0 Adding and Modifying Images
7.1 Inserting Images
7.2 Selecting and Resizing an Image
7.3 Aligning and Positioning Images
7.4 Resampling a Photo
7.5 Applying the AutoThumbnail Feature
Lab 5
8.0 Format Images using the Pictures Toolbar
8.1 Changing the Contrast and Brightness
8.2 Applying the Recolor and Crop Feature
8.3 Overview of Picture Properties
8.4 Applying a Beveled Edge
8.5 Flipping and Rotating Images
8.6 Creating and Modifying Hotspots
Lab 6
9.0 Publish a Site
9.1 Proofing Your Site
9.2 Website Publishing
Lab 7
Level 3
1.0 Text Styles
1.1 Overview the Apply Styles Pane
1.2 Select a Text Style
1.3 Modify Style Options
1.4 Create and Modify a Style
1.5 Modify a Style
2.0 Style Sheets
2.1 Overview CSS Sheets
2.2 Attach a Style Sheet
2.3 Open a Style Sheet
2.4 Overview the Tag Properties Window with CSS Styles
3.0 Working with Tables
3.1 Overview the Layout of a Table
3.2 Create a Table
3.3 Enter Cell Data
3.4 Overview Selecting a Table and Cells
3.5 Format a Table
3.6 Modify a Table and Cell Properties
3.7 Overview Using the Tables Toolbar
4.0 Interactive Buttons
4.1 Launching the Interactive Buttons Dialog
4.2 Choosing an Interactive Button
4.3 Choosing a Font
5.0 Top Links Bar
5.1 Overview the Navigation Bar
5.2 Add a Link on the Top Link Bar
5.3 Modify the Top Links Bar
6.0 Quick Launch Bar
6.1 Overview the Quick Launch
6.2 Insert a Link on the Quick Launch Bar
6.3 Modify a Link
7.0 Master Pages
7.1 Create a Master Page
7.2 Save a Current Page as a Master
7.3 Modify the Master Page
8.0 Web Components
8.1 Opening the Web Components Dialog
8.2 Choosing a Web Component
8.3 Modifying a Web Component
8.4 Downloading Additional Components
9.0 SharePoint Components
9.1 Overview SharePoint
9.2 Insert a Component
9.3 Use Common Control Tasks
9.4 Modify Components Properties
9.5 Choosing an Image
9.6 Modifying the Button
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