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SQL 2005 - Building Queries with Transact SQL

Course Outlines
Level 1
Course Introduction
1.0 Introduction to Transact-SQL
1.1 The Transact-SQL Programming Language
1.2 Using SQL Server Books Online
1.3 Types of Transact-SQL Statements
1.4 Transact-SQL Syntax Elements
1.5 Summary
2.0 Using Transact-SQL Query Tools
2.1 SQL Server Management Studio
2.2 Using Object Explorer
2.3 Executing Transact-SQL Queries
2.4 Creating and Executing Transact - SQL Scripts
2.5 Using the sqlcmd Utility
2.6 Summary
Level Summary
Level 2
1.0 Retrieving Data
1.1 Retrieving Data by Using the SELECT Statement
1.2 Filtering Data
1.3 Formatting Result Sets
1.4 How Queries Are Processed
1.5 Performance Considerations
1.6 Summary
2.0 Grouping and Summarizing Data
2.1 Listing the TOP on Values
2.2 Using Aggregate Functions
2.3 GROUP By Fundamentals
2.4 Generating Aggregate Values Within Result Sets
2.5 Using the COMPUTE and COMPUTE BY Clauses
2.6 Summary
Level Summary
Level 3
1.0 Joining Multiple Tables
1.1 Using Aliases for Table Names
1.2 Combining Data from Multiple Tables
1.3 Combining Multiple Result Sets
1.4 Summary
2.0 Working With Subqueries
2.1 Using a Subquery as a Derived Table
2.2 Using a Subquery as an Expression
2.3 Using a Subquery to Correlate Data
2.4 Using the EXISTS and NOT EXISTS Clauses
2.5 Summary
3.0 Modifying Data
3.1 Using Transactions
3.2 Inserting Data
3.3 Deleting Data
3.4 Updating Data
3.5 Performance Considerations
3.6 Summary
4.0 Introduction to Programming Objects
4.1 Introduction to Views
4.2 Other Objects
4.3 Summary
Course Summary
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