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QuickBooks Pro 2007

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Getting started using QuickBooks 2007
1.1 How to Start QuickBooks
1.2 Exploring the QuickBooks Interface
1.3 How to Open Additional QuickBooks Windows
1.4 Basic Business Terminology
1.5 How to Setup QuickBooks for Multiple Users
1.6 Navigating Multi User Mode
Lab 1
2.0 Setting Up Companies in QuickBooks
2.1 How to Setup a QuickBooks Company
2.2 Working with the Chart of Accounts
2.3 How to Enter an Opening Balance in Your Accounts
Lab 2
3.0 Using lists in QuickBooks
3.1 Working with Customers and Jobs Lists
3.2 Working with the Employee Center
3.3 Using the Employees and Vendors List
3.4 How to Add Customized Fields
3.5 List Management Techniques
Lab 3
4.0 Working with Inventory
4.1 How to Enter Products into Your Inventory
4.2 How to Order Items and Products
4.3 How to Receive Items and Products into your Inventory
4.4 How to Pay for Inventory
4.5 How to Make Manual Inventory Adjustments
Lab 4
5.0 How to Sell Your Product
5.1 How to Create a Product Invoice
5.2 Working with Cash Sales
5.3 Tracking the Chart of Accounts
Lab 5
6.0 Invoicing for Services from QuickBooks
6.1 How to Setup Service Items in QuickBooks
6.2 How to Create a Service Invoice
6.3 How to Enter Statement Charges
6.4 Working with Billing Statements
7.0 Processing Your Received Payments
7.1 What to Do When You Receive Payments for Invoices
7.2 How to Make a Deposit
Lab 6
8.0 Bank Accounts
8.1 How to Write Checks from QuickBooks
8.2 How to Enter Handwritten Checks Into Your Register
8.3 How to Transfer Funds Between Accounts
8.4 How to Reconcile Your Checking Accounts
Lab 7
9.0 Entering and paying bills in QuickBooks
9.1 How to Enter Bills
9.2 How to Pay Bills
9.3 How to Print Checks
Lab 8
Level 2
1.0 Customizing QuickBooks Forms
1.1 Creating Invoice Templates and Logos
1.2 Modifying Templates
1.3 Printing Invoices
1.4 Emailing Invoices
Lab 1
2.0 Working with Various Accounts in QuickBooks
2.1 Tracking Credit Card Transactions
2.2 Working with Asset Accounts
2.3 Working with Liability Accounts
2.4 Exploring Equity Accounts
Lab 2
3.0 Creating Reports
3.1 Creating QuickReports
3.2 Modifying QuickReports
3.3 Launching QuickBooks Preset Reports
3.4 Modifying Existing Preset Reports
3.5 Exporting Reports to Excel spreadsheets
3.6 Printing Reports
Lab 3
4.0 Creating and Using Graphs
4.1 Creating QuickInsight Graphs
4.2 Customizing Your QuickBooks Graphs
4.3 Printing Your Graphs
Lab 4
5.0 Dealing with Sales Tax : How to Track and Pay Sales Tax
5.1 Working with Sales Tax in QuickBooks
5.2 Setting up Tax Rates and Tax Agencies
5.3 Creating a Taxable Invoice
5.4 Determining Your Sales Tax Liability
5.5 Paying Various Tax Agencies
Lab 5
6.0 Using QuickBooks for Payroll
6.1 Using QuickBooks for Payroll
7.0 Tracking Jobs
7.1 Creating Job Estimates
7.2 Working with Job Estimates
7.3 Using Weekly Timesheets
7.4 Creating Customer Invoice from Time Tracking
Lab 6
8.0 Writing Letters in QuickBooks
8.1 Creating a Customer Letter
9.0 Synchronizing QuickBooks Data with Contact Management Software
9.1 Categorizing Contact Names in MS Outlook
9.2 Synchronizing with MS Outlook
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