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Publisher 2003

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Getting Started
1.1 Navigating & Saving the Publication
1.2 Section Summary
2.0 Using Objects in Publisher
2.1 Inserting a Picture Box
2.2 Section Summary
3.0 Editing a Publication
3.1 Text:~ Formatting, Cutting, Copying, and Deleting
3.2 Adding, Moving, and Deleting Pages
3.3 Section Summary
4.0 Working with Objects
4.1 Section Summary
5.0 Working with Pages
5.1 Master Pages
5.2 Section Summary
6.0 Help
6.1 Section Summary
7.0 Level Summary
Post Course Exam
Level 2
1.0 Task Panes and Design Sets
1.1 Working with Design Sets & Using Special Paper
1.2 The Design Gallery Object
1.3 Section Summary
2.0 Text Techniques
2.1 Wrapping Text around Objects
2.2 Editing Articles in Word
2.3 Character Spacing and Drop Caps
2.4 Indents & Tabs
2.5 Bullets & Numbered Lists
2.6 Line Spacing
2.7 Working with Styles
2.8 Find and Replace
2.9 Spelling and AutoCorrect Options
2.10 Section Summary
3.0 Page Techniques
3.1 Ruler guides and Page Numbers
3.2 Continued On and Continued From
3.3 Section Summary
4.0 Graphic Object Techniques
4.1 Inserting Drawing Objects & Special Effects
5.0 Level Summary
Post Course Exam
Level 3
1.0 Clip Art Techniques
2.0 Graphic Techniques
2.1 Creating BoarderArt, Customizing BorderArt
2.2 Section Summary
3.0 WordArt Techniques
3.1 WordArt Vertical Text, WordArt Alignment and Spacing, Special Effects
3.2 Section Summary
4.0 Table Techniques
4.1 Creating a Table and Data
4.2 Selecting Cells, Rows, and Columns, Merging and Splitting Cells
4.3 Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
4.4 Formatting Tables
4.5 Section Summary
5.0 Miscellaneous Cool Techniques
5.1 Design Checker
5.2 Linking and Embedding Objects
5.3 Print Techniques
6.0 Level Summary
Post Course Exam
Level 4
1.0 Mail Merge
1.1 Editing the Address List
1.2 Completing the Address List:~ Merging, Finding, Filtering and Sorting
1.3 Section Summary
1.4 Questions
2.0 Creating a Website
2.1 Background Sounds & Viewing the Website in a Browser
2.2 Defining Hyperlinks
2.3 Publishing to the Web
2.4 Section Summary
2.5 Questions
3.0 Customizing Publisher
3.1 Section Summary
3.2 Questions
4.0 Course Summary
Post Course Exam
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