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Project 2003

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Project Management ~Fundamentals
1.1 Defining Project Management
1.2 Project Management Phases
1.3 Project Triangle
1.4 Project Team Members
1.5 Section Summary
2.0 Project Management Terms
2.1 Project 2003 Terms
2.2 Section Summary
3.0 Project 2003 Overview
3.1 Starting Project 2003
3.3 Section Summary
4.0 Creating a Basic Project
4.1 Establishing Basic Project Information
4.2 Saving Your Project
4.3 Adding Tasks and Subtasks
4.4 Ordering Our Tasks
4.5 Milestone Task
4.6 Tasks Dependencies
4.7 Time Constraints
4.8 Tracking Progress
4.9 Tracking Your Project
4.10 Section Summary
Level Summary
Post Course Exam
Level 2
1.0 Project Preparation
1.1 Preparation
1.2 Section Summary
2.0 Launching Microsoft Project
2.1 Project Server Security Logon
2.2 Overview of the Main Window
2.3 Section Summary
3.0 Creating a New Project Plan
3.1 From a Template
3.2 From Scratch
3.3 Saving Your New Project
3.4 Setting Your Project Calendar
3.5 Attaching Project Documentation
3.6 Section Summary
4.0 Tasks
4.1 Entering Tasks
4.2 SequencingTasks
4.3 Organizing Tasks into an Outline
4.4 Setting Task Durations
4.5 Establishing Task Dependencies
4.6 Task Constrants
4.7 Section Summary
5.0 Work Breakdown Structure
5.1 Section Summary
Level Summary
Post Course Exam
Level 3
1.0 Understanding Resources ~and Their Impact
1.1 Section Summary
2.0 Setting up Resources
2.1 Adding Work Resources to the Project
2.2 Specifying Resource Availability
2.3 Multiple Individual Resources
2.4 Variable Resource Availability
2.5 Adding Material Resources to the Project
2.6 Setting Resource Working Time Calendar
2.7 Adding Detail Resource Information
2.8 Section Summary
3.0 Assigning Resources to Tasks
3.1 Assigning the Right Resource to a Task
3.2 Assigning Material Resources to Tasks
3.3 Changing Resources Assignments
3.4 Section Summary
4.0 Leveling Resources
4.1 Finding Over Allocated Resources
4.2 Leveling Resources
4.3 Section Summary
Level Summary
Post Course Exam
Level 4
1.0 Project Costs
1.1 Variable Task Costs
1.2 Assigning Fixed Costs to Tasks
1.3 Assigning a Variable Cost Resource
1.4 Assigning a Fixed Cost Resource
1.5 Viewing the Project's Estimated Cost
1.6 Resource Rate Changes
1.7 Section Summary
2.0 Preparing to Track Your Project
2.1 Overview
2.2 Project Baselines
2.3 Interim Plans
2.4 Clearing a Baseline
2.5 Section Summary
3.0 Tracking Your Project
3.1 Principles of Tracking
3.2 Recording Percent Complete
3.3 Recording Actual Durations of Tasks
3.4 Recording Actual Start and Finish Dates
3.5 Rescheduling Uncompleted Work
3.6 Change the Remaining Duration
3.7 Documenting Changes
3.8 Section Summary
4.0 Calculating Actual Costs
4.1 Overview
4.2 LessoEntering Actual Task CostsnName
4.3 Finding Over Budget Items
4.4 Section Summary
5.0 Viewing Progress
5.1 Reviewing Progress With a Work Table
5.2 Reviewing Progress with a Cost Table
5.3 Tracking Gantt
5.4 Reports
5.5 Section Summary
Level Summary
Post Course Exam
Level 5
1.0 Collaboration on a Project
1.1 Overview
1.2 Preparing to Collaborate
1.3 Section Summary
2.0 Beginning to use Project Server ~2003
2.1 Enterprise Calendars
2.2 Enterprise Resources
2.3 Storing a Project in the Server Database
2.4 Importing Projects to the Project Server
2.5 Opening a Project from Project Server
2.6 Viewing Project Server Pages
2.7 Section Summary
3.0 Creating and Managing Projects
3.1 Adding Enterprise Resources to a Project
3.2 Notifying Resources of Assignments
3.3 Assigning Tasks to Resources
3.4 Receiving Updates From Team Members
3.5 Adjusting Actuals
3.6 Section Summary
4.0 Using Project Server Web ~Access
4.1 Accessing Project Web Access
4.2 Web Access Basics
4.3 Updating Tasks Assigned to You
4.4 Communicating with the Project Manager
4.5 Adding Tasks
4.6 Attaching Documents
4.7 Viewing Assignments/Tasks
4.8 Section Summary
Level Summary
Post Course Exam
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