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PowerPoint 2010

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Before We Begin
1.1 What Will I Be Able To Do At The End Of This Course
1.2 The New PowerPoint 2010 Interface Views And Ribbons
1.3 The File Menu In PowerPoint 2010
1.4 Customizing The Quick Access Toolbar
2.0 Getting Started
2.1 Starting PowerPoint And A New Presentation
2.2 Saving Presentations
2.3 Opening And Closing Existing Presentations
2.4 Working With More Than One Presentation Open At The Same Time
2.5 Screen Layout Options And Zooming
2.6 Turn On And Off The Ruler Gridlines And Guides
2.7 Adding Extra Slides
2.8 Entering Text Onto Slides
2.9 Copy And Paste Slide Content
2.10 Undo And Redo
2.11 Changing The Slide Layout Of An Existing Slide
2.12 Spellchecking A Presentation
3.0 Slide Design
3.1 Using A Presentation Theme
3.2 Change Font Style Size And Color
3.3 Controlling Your Bullet Point Styles
3.4 Paragraph Formatting
3.5 Superscript And Subscript
3.6 Managing Autocorrect In PowerPoint
Level 2
1.0 Charts And Graphs
1.1 Adding Charts To A Presentation
1.2 Editing The Data For The Chart
1.3 Change The Chart Type
1.4 Using A Different Layout And Style
1.5 Changing Chart Layout Options
1.6 Formatting A Chart
1.7 Pie Chart Specific Formatting
1.8 Add A Chart To A Slide Without A Chart Placeholder
1.9 Removing A Chart From A Slide
2.0 Organization Charts
2.1 Adding A Slide With An Organization Chart
2.2 Insert An Organizational Chart On Any Slide
2.3 Adding A New Box To The Chart
2.4 Remove A Box From The Organization Chart
2.5 Rearranging Box Order Promoting And Demoting
2.6 Edit The Organization Chart Layout
2.7 Altering The Style Of The Chart And Or Individual Boxes
2.8 Removing An Organization Chart From A Presentation
3.0 Using Clip Art and Images
3.1 Inserting A Piece Of Clip Art
3.2 Inserting Clip Art To Any Slide
3.3 Moving And Resizing Clip Art
3.4 Remove Clip Art From A Slide
3.5 Adding Moving Resizing And Removing Your Own Photographs
3.6 Using The Picture Tools Ribbon For Photograph Enhancements
3.7 Inserting A Smart Art Object To A Slide
3.8 Customizing The Smart Art Graphic
3.9 Removing A Smart Art Graphic
4.0 Word Art And Shapes
4.1 Add Word Art To A Slide
4.2 Editing Word Art Content And Style
4.3 Removing A Piece Of Word Art
4.4 Adding Drawn Shapes To A Slide
4.5 Formatting A Drawn Shape
4.6 Advanced Editing Of A Shape
4.7 Remove A Drawing Object
4.8 Aligning Multiple Objects On A Slide
4.9 Controlling Stacking Order And Grouping Shapes As One
5.0 Managing The Presentation
5.1 Exploring The Views Available In PowerPoint
5.2 Changing The Display Order Of Slides
5.3 Deleting And Hiding Slides
5.4 Insert Slides From Another Presentation
Level 3
1.0 Running A Slideshow
1.1 Running Your Presentation
1.2 Useful Keyboard Commands During A Slideshow
1.3 Drawing On A Slide Whilst Running The Slideshow
1.4 PowerPoint Laser Pointer For Use During A Slideshow
1.5 Rehearsing And Setting Slide Show Timings
1.6 Record Narration For A Slideshow
1.7 Setting Up A Slideshow
1.8 Creating And Using A Custom Show
1.9 Saving As A PowerPoint Show
1.10 Broadcasting A Presentation In Real Time Across The Internet
2.0 Office Web Apps
2.1 What Is Office Web Apps
2.2 Sign In To Or Sign Up For Your Own SkyDrive
2.3 Uploading Files To Your SkyDrive
2.4 Saving A PowerPoint Presentation Directly Into SkyDrive
2.5 Accessing And Editing A Presentation Through SkyDrive
2.6 Telling Others Where Your SkyDrive Public Documents Are
2.7 Direct Linking Or Embedding Of SkyDrive Documents
2.8 Creating A Folder Structure Within SkyDrive
2.9 Moving Copying And Deleting Files On SkyDrive
2.10 Editing Sharing Permissions On Folders In SkyDrive
3.0 Templates
3.1 Using The Microsoft Supplied PowerPoint Templates
3.2 Designing Saving And Using Your Own Template
4.0 Animation
4.1 Adding Transition Effects To Slides
4.2 Adding An Animation Effect To An Object On A Slide
4.3 Copying An Animation Effect To Another Object
4.4 Previewing Animation Effects
4.5 Adding A Secondary (Exit) Animation Effect To An Object
4.6 Making An Animation Object Follow A Path
4.7 Managing The Order In Which Animations Occur
4.8 Change The Animation Effect Assigned To An Object
4.9 Removing An Animation Effect From An Object
4.10 Changing The Trigger For An Animation Effect
4.11 Editing The Effect Options For An Animation Effect
4.12 Animating Charts And Smart Art
Level 4
1.0 Speaker Notes
1.1 Adding Speaker Notes
1.2 Control Layout Of Notes Page Using The Notes Master
1.3 Adding A Footer A Header Page Number And Date To The Notes Pages
1.4 Printing The Notes Pages
2.0 Master Views
2.1 Overview And Accessing The Master View
2.2 Changing Slide Background Colours
2.3 Add A Image As Your Presentation Background
2.4 Add A Company Logo To Every Slide
2.5 Include A Footer Slide Number And Or Date On Slides
2.6 Using The Handout Master
2.7 The Need For Multiple Slide Masters
3.0 Printing
3.1 Printing Slides
3.2 Printing The Presentations Text Content Using Outline View
3.3 Printing Handouts
3.4 Printing The Notes Pages
4.0 Tables
4.1 Inserting Tables Onto Slides
4.2 Entering Text Into A Table
4.3 Inserting And Removing Rows And Columns
4.4 Adjusting Row Height And Or Column Width
4.5 Merging Multiple Cells Into One Or Splitting One Cell Into Many
4.6 Table Styles Explained
4.7 Custom Formatting Of Table Colors And Borders
4.8 Removing A Table
5.0 Flowcharts
5.1 Adding A Flowchart Diagram
5.2 Linking The Flowchart Boxes Together
5.3 Aligning And Rotating Flowchart Objects
5.4 Enhancing Flowchart Objects
5.5 Adding Yes No To Decision Boxes
Level 5
1.0 Sections
1.1 Logical Division Of A Presentation Into Sections
1.2 Renaming Sections
1.3 Removing Section Breaks
2.0 Embedding External Files
2.1 Embedding And Linking Program Objects
2.2 Embedding Linked Excel Charts
3.0 Multimedia
3.1 Adding A Video File
3.2 Enhance The Formatting Of A Video Clip
3.3 Editing A Video Within PowerPoint
3.4 Controlling Video Playback During A Slideshow
3.5 Adding Flash (SWF) Files
3.6 Linking Instead Of Embedding Media Clips
4.0 Action Buttons
4.1 Adding An Action Button
4.2 Use An Action Button To Run Another Program
4.3 Change The Action Associated With An Action Button
4.4 Format An Action Button
4.5 Removing An Action Button
4.6 Action Buttons In The Master
5.0 Exporting And Importing
5.1 Prepare Your Presentation For Sharing And Distribution
5.2 Adding Slides From An External Text File
5.3 Set Permissions Before Distribution
5.4 Distributing The Presentation By Email
5.5 Sending Slides To Microsoft Word
5.6 Using The Package For CD Command
5.7 Create a Video (WMV) From A Presentation
6.0 PowerPoint Extras
6.1 Create A Photo Album
6.2 Capturing And Displaying Screenshots
7.0 Credits
7.1 About The Author
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