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PowerPoint 2007

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 The PowerPoint Environment
1.1 Exploring the PowerPoint Environment
1.2 Customizing Quick Access Toolbar
Lab 1.1 Exploring Powerpoint Environment
2.0 How to Navigate Presentations
2.1 Navigation Steps in PowerPoint
2.2 Different Presentation Views
2.3 Rearranging and Deleting Slides
Lab 2.1 Navigation Steps in Powerpoint
3.0 Creating and Formatting Slides
3.1 Working with Themes
3.2 Adding Slides to Your Presentations
3.3 Entering and Modifying Text
3.4 Formatting Paragraphs in a Slide
Lab 3.1 Working With Themes
4.0 Adding Graphics ~and Drawing Objects to Your Presentations
4.1 Inserting Pictures
4.2 Inserting ClipART
4.3 Creating and Modifying Shapes
4.4 Inserting WordART
Lab 4.1 Inserting Pictures
5.0 Modifying Objects
5.1 How to Change an Object's Orientation
5.2 Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
5.3 Arranging Your Objects
Lab 5.1 Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
6.0 Adding Tables and Charts
6.1 How to Create Tables
6.2 Formatting Tables
6.3 How to Insert Tables from Microsoft Word
6.4 How to Add a Chart
6.5 Modifying Charts
6.6 Working with Diagrams
Lab 6.1 How to Create Tables
Lab 6.2 Formatting Tables
7.0 Modifying Presentations
7.1 Working with Slide Masters
7.2 Setting up Slide Shows
7.3 Adding Transitions
7.4 Adding Animation Effects
7.5 How to Package Your Presentations
Lab 7.1 Setting up Slide Shows
8.0 Proofing and Delivering ~Presentations
8.1 Working with Spell Check
8.2 How to Print Your Presentations
Lab 8.1 Working with Spell Check
Lab 8.2 How to Print your Presentations
Level 2
1.0 Customizing Presentations
1.1 Custom Themes
1.2 Custom Templates
1.3 Customizing Your Save Options
1.4 Customizing Bullets
Lab 1.1 Custom Themes
2.0 Working with Graphics ~and Multimedia Content
2.1 Enhancing Pictures
2.2 Adding Media Clips
2.3 Adding Photo Albums and Looping
Lab 2.1 Enhancing Pictures
Lab 2.2 Adding Photo Albums and Looping
Lab 2.3 Adding Photo Albums and Looping
3.0 Working with Action Buttons ~and Customizing Your Slide Shows
3.1 Interactive Elements
3.2 Customizing Slide Shows
3.3 Annotating Your Presentation
Lab 3.1 Interactive Elements
Lab 3.2 Interactive Elements
Lab 3.3 Customizing Slide Shows
4.0 Finalizing the Presentation
4.1 Adding comments
4.2 How to Publish to Web
Lab 4.1 Adding Comments
Lab 4.2 Adding Comments
Lab 4.3 How to Publish to Web
5.0 Integration ~with Other Microsoft Office Programs
5.1 How to Hyperlink Other Files
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