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PowerPoint 2003

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Working in PowerPoint
1.1 Introduction to PowerPoint
1.2 Customizing PowerPoint
1.3 Changing Commands
1.4 Getting Help
2.0 Starting a Presentation
2.1 Blank Presentations
2.2 Basics of Slide Layout
2.3 A Visual Overview
3.0 Managing Content in Outline ~View
3.1 Managing Content
3.2 Getting Content Just Right
3.3 AutoCorrect and AutoFormat
3.4 Importing Outlines from Word
3.5 Additional Content Tips
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Level 2
1.0 Working with Slides-Text-~Pictures
1.1 Introduction to Internetworking
1.2 Working with place holders
1.3 Working with Text Objects
1.4 Pictures
1.5 Compressing Pictures
1.6 Working with ClipArt
2.0 Graphic Objects
2.1 Drawing Toolbar
2.2 Editing Objects
2.3 Formatting Objects
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Level 3
1.0 Organization Charts & Diagrams
1.1 Introduction to Diagrams
1.2 Creating Charts & Diagrams
1.3 Creating Free-Form Diagram
2.0 Creating Data-Driven Charts
2.1 Data-Driven Charts
2.2 Inserting Charts from Excel
3.0 Inserting Data & Text Table
3.1 Inserting Excel Worksheets
3.2 Integrating Applications
3.3 Aligning Text with Tables
3.4 Embedding a Word Table
4.0 Adding Video & Sound
4.1 Adding Video
4.2 Adding Sound
5.0 Animating PowerPoint Objects
5.1 Animation Schemes
5.2 Custom Animation
5.3 Animating Text
5.4 Animating Charts
5.5 Creating Motion Paths
5.6 Slide Transitions
6.0 Customizing Color Schemes
6.1 Color Schemes
6.2 Working With Slide Masters
6.3 Restoring the Formatting
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Level 4
1.0 Formatting the Slide ~Background
1.1 Formatting the Slide Background
2.0 Designs & Masters
2.1 Designing Masters
2.2 Master Slides
3.0 Preparing a Presentation ~for Delivery
3.1 Rearranging & Organizing Slides
3.2 Creating Custom Slide Shows
3.3 Summary Slides
3.4 Configuring Slide Timing
4.0 Working with Hyperlinks ~& Action Buttons
4.1 Navigating with Hyperlinks
4.2 Using Action Buttons
5.0 Presenting a PowerPoint Slide ~Show
5.1 Setup Show
5.2 Launching & Navigating a Slide Show
5.3 Marking Up Slides
5.4 Advanced Presentation Delivery Tools
6.0 Printing Presentations
6.1 Printing
6.2 Printing in Color & BW
6.3 Printing Handouts & Notes
6.4 Exporting a Presentation to Word
7.0 Collaborating on a Presentation
7.1 Reviewing a Presentation with Outlook
7.2 Reviewing a Presentation without Outlook
8.0 Delivering a Presentation ~Remotely
8.1 Packaging a Presentation
8.2 Creating Web-Based Presentations
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