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PowerPoint 2000

Instructor: Rick James
Rick James has worked in the computer industry since 1985, when he began his career as a computer science major working for WordPerfect Corporation. His interests later turned from software development to business and marketing within the computer industry. James is a co-founder of Makau Corporation. His goal is to provide good technical and business training in laymen's terms. He presents complex concepts in ways that all employees in an organization or an individual student can understand.
Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Introduction to PowerPoint 2000
1.1 PowerPoint Screen Elements
1.2 Section Summary
2.0 Creating a New Presentation
2.1 AutoContent Wizard
2.2 Creating From a Design Template
2.3 Saving and Closing Your Work
2.4 Section Summary
3.0 Opening, Navigating & Text Editing
3.1 Opening and Navigating a Presentation
3.2 Editing Text
3.3 Viewing a Presentation
3.4 Creating a New Slide
3.5 Section Summary
4.0 Getting Help
4.1 PowerPoint Help Options
4.2 Section Summary
5.0 Outlining
5.1 Entering Text in an Outline
5.2 Inserting an Outline from Microsoft Word
5.3 Exporting an Outline
5.4 Section Summary
6.0 Slide Text
6.1 Adding and Moving Text
6.2 Symbols
6.3 Formatting Text
6.4 Changing Text Box Properties
6.5 Section Summary
7.0 Checking Spelling
7.1 PowerPoint Spell Checker
7.2 AutoCorrect
7.3 Section Summary
8.0 Printing Presentations
8.1 Speaker Notes
8.2 Printing the Presentation
8.3 Section Summary
Level 2
1.0 Effective Presentation Planning
1.1 Presentation Goals
1.2 Section Summary
2.0 Slideshow Preparation
2.1 Design Templates
2.2 Master View
2.3 Section Summary
3.0 Inserting Content
3.1 Inserting Text
3.2 Inserting Clipart
3.3 Inserting Files
3.4 Section Summary
4.0 Additional Graphic Content
4.1 Word Art
4.2 AutoShapes
4.3 Grouping Objects
4.4 Organizational Charts
4.5 Section Summary
5.0 Animation
5.1 Text Animation
5.2 Animating Graphics
5.3 Section Summary
Level 3
1.0 Customizing the Interface
1.1 Toolbars
1.2 Creating a new Toolbar
1.3 Add/Remove Buttons to the Toolbars
1.4 Additional Display Options
1.5 Section Summary
2.0 Creating Tables and Charts
2.1 Creating a Table
2.2 Creating a Chart
2.3 Linking to an Excel Spreadsheet
2.4 Section Summary
3.0 Video & Audio Objects
3.1 Inserting Video
3.2 Inserting CD Audio
3.3 Sound from Clip Organizer and File
3.4 Section Summary
4.0 Organizing Your Presentation
4.1 Inserting Slide from another Presentation
4.2 Rearranging Slides
4.3 Creating a Summary Slide
4.4 Hiding Slides
4.5 Section Summary
5.0 Final Preparation & Delivery
5.1 Slide Transitions
5.2 Section Summary
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