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PC Essentials

Course Outlines
Introduction to Personal Computers
Introduction ~- Click Here to Start
1.0 New to Computers ~- What is a Personal Computer?
1.1 Hardware
1.2 Software
1.3 PC Types
1.4 PC Uses
2.0 About Your Desktop PC
2.1 Front Components
2.2 Rear Components
2.3 Inside Your Computer
2.4 System Board Components
3.0 About Your Small Form Factor ~PC
3.1 Front Components
3.2 Rear Components
3.3 Inside Your Computer
3.4 System Board Components
4.0 About Your Notebook PC
4.1 Front Components
4.2 Left Side Components
4.3 Right Side Components
4.4 Rear Components
4.5 Bottom Components
4.6 Inside Your Computer
4.7 System Board Components
5.0 Using Your Desktop PC ~or Small Form Factor PC for the First Time
5.1 Setting Up Your Desktop PC
5.2 Operation of the On/Off Switch
5.3 Initial Power Up
5.4 Logging On to Windows
5.5 Using the Mouse
5.6 Shutting Down Your PC
6.0 Using your Notebook PC ~for the First Time
6.1 Setting Up Your Notebook PC
6.2 Operation of the On/Off Switch
6.3 Initial Power Up
6.4 Logging On to Windows
6.5 Using the Touch Pad
6.6 Connecting External Devices
6.7 Shutting Down Your Notebook PC
7.0 Windows XP Overview
7.1 Using the Windows Desktop
7.2 Opening, Closing, Resizing and Moving Individual Windows
7.3 Exploring the Windows Control Panel
8.0 Windows Vista Overview
8.1 Using the Windows Desktop
8.2 Opening, Closing, Resizing and Moving Individual Windows
8.3 Exploring the Windows Control Panel
9.0 Using Windows XP Help ~and Support
10.0 Using Windows Vista Help ~and Support
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