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Outlook 2002

Instructor: Rick James
Rick James has worked in the computer industry since 1985, when he began his career as a computer science major working for WordPerfect Corporation. His interests later turned from software development to business and marketing within the computer industry. James is a co-founder of Makau Corporation. His goal is to provide good technical and business training in laymen's terms. He presents complex concepts in ways that all employees in an organization or an individual student can understand.
Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Introducing Outlook
1.1 Launching Outlook
1.2 Overview of the Outlook Interface
1.3 Folder List
1.4 Outlook Today
2.0 Reading Mail Messages
2.1 Opening and Closing a Mail Message
2.2 Accessing Attachments
3.0 Deleting Items in Outlook
3.1 Restoring a Deleted Item
4.0 Sending Mail Messages
4.1 Sending a New Mail Message
4.2 Adding an Attachment to a Message
4.3 Advanced Formatting Options
4.4 Saving a Draft Message
4.5 Sending to Multiple Recipients
4.6 Sending Over the Internet
5.0 Replying, Forwarding Messages
5.1 Replying to a Message
5.2 Forwarding a Message to Someone Else
6.0 Using Outlook's Address Books
6.1 Adding and Editing a Contact
6.2 Adding a Contact From a Message
6.3 Sending a Message From Contact List
6.4 Using Distribution Lists
7.0 Printing
7.1 Printing Items in Outlook
7.2 Print Attachments
Level 2
1.0 Managing Your Calendar
1.1 Calendar Views and Display Options
1.2 Setting Your Work Schedule
1.3 Creating Personal Appointments
1.4 Inviting Additional Attendees
1.5 Checking Attendee Schedules
1.6 Responding to a Meeting Request
1.7 Creating Recurring Appointments
2.0 Managing Your Tasks
2.1 Creating a Task and a Recurring Task
2.2 Responding to a Task Request
2.3 Scheduling Time For a Task
3.0 Using the Outlook Journal
3.1 Tracking Contact Activities
3.2 Creating a Journal Entry
4.0 Organizing Messages
4.1 Creating Personal Folders
4.2 Moving a Message to Another Folder
4.3 Automating Your Mailbox
5.0 Outlook Help
5.1 Accessing Online Help
Level 3
1.0 Customizing Toolbars
1.1 Displaying Toolbars
1.2 Customizing Toolbars
1.3 Creating a New Toolbar
1.4 Customizing the Outlook Bar
2.0 Advanced Mail Message Options
2.1 Automatic Spell Checking
2.2 Auto Correct
2.3 Message Signatures
2.4 Additional Message Options
3.0 Finding Messages
3.1 Finding Mail Messages
3.2 Advanced Find
4.0 Recalling & Resending Messages
4.1 Recalling a Message
4.2 Resending a Message
5.0 Flagging Items
5.1 Flagging an Item
5.2 Sorting a Folder
5.3 Marking a Flagged Item Complete
6.0 AutoArchive
6.1 Using AutoArchive
6.2 Viewing Archived Items
6.3 Restoring Archived Items
7.0 Public Folders
7.1 Creating a Public Folder
7.2 Accessing and Using a Public Folder
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