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OpenOffice.org - Calc

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 The Calc Screen Environment
1.1 Document and Sheets
1.2 Menu Bar and Context Menus
1.3 Columns & Rows
1.4 Navigation
2.0 Entering Data
2.1 Data Entry Techniques
2.2 AutoFill Entry Techniques
2.3 Erasing Data
2.4 AutoInput
2.5 Undo and Reset
3.0 Entering Formulas
3.1 Entering Formulas
3.2 Repeating a Formula
3.3 Additional Formulas
4.0 Basic Calc Functions
4.1 Data Entry Techniques
4.2 AutoFill Entry Techniques
4.3 Erasing Data
5.0 Formatting
5.1 Data Entry Techniques
5.2 AutoFill Entry Techniques
6.0 Changing Worksheet Layout
6.1 Inserting Columns/Rows and Cells
6.2 Deleting Columns/Rows and Cells
6.3 Moving Cells
6.4 Copying Cells
7.0 Saving/Opening and Closing Documents
7.1 File Save or File Save As
7.2 Opening and Closing a File
7.3 Creating a New Calc Document
8.0 Help System
8.1 Data Entry Techniques
Level Summary
Post Course Exam
Level 2
1.0 Additional Formatting
1.1 Cell Attributes and Alignment
1.2 Borders and Gridlines
1.3 Numeric Formatting
1.4 Centering Text
1.5 Hiding/Unhiding
2.0 Conditional Formatting
2.1 Based on Values
2.2 Based on Formulas
3.0 Adjusting Worksheet Views
3.1 Freeze Layout
3.2 Horizontal/Vertical Split Screens
3.3 Show Formulas/Numbers
3.4 Auto-Outline
4.0 Printing
4.1 Using Page Break Preview
4.2 Printing Controls
5.0 Find & Replace
5.1 Using Find and Replace
6.0 Dates and Time
6.1 Using Dates and Times as Values
6.2 Date and Time Functions and Series
7.0 Overview of Charting
7.1 Quick Chart Creation
7.2 Chart Types
7.3 Titles/Gridlines and Scaling
7.4 Formatting Basics
7.5 Printing and Copying Charts
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Level 3
1.0 Using Cell Reference
1.1 Absolute References
1.2 Mixed References
2.0 Naming Cells
2.1 Assigned Names to Cells
2.2 Additional Creation Methods
3.0 Formula Auditing Techniques
3.1 Tracing Dependent Cells
3.2 Tracing Precedent Cells
4.0 The IF and VLOOKUP Functions
4.1 IF Functions and Relational Operators
4.2 Logical Operators
4.3 Nested IF Functions
4.4 Getting Data From Tables
5.0 Additional Functions
5.1 Statistical
5.2 Math
5.3 Financial
5.4 Text
5.5 Power Functions
6.0 Multi-sheet Calc Documents
6.1 Renaming Sheets
6.2 Inserting and Deleting Sheets
6.3 Moving/Copying and Grouping
6.4 Formulas Across Multiple Sheets
7.0 Overview of Database Features
7.1 Sorting Data
7.2 Creating Subtotals
7.3 Filtering
7.4 Data Pilot
7.5 Data Vailidity
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