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Office Accounting Professional 2007

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Setting Up Your Company
1.1 Entering Company Information
1.2 Editing Company Preferences
2.0 Reviewing the Workspace
2.1 Browsing Commands
2.2 Reviewing the Tool Bar
2.3 Familiarizing with the Company Sections
2.4 Reviewing the Workspace
Lab 1
3.0 Managing Customers
3.1 Customer Management Overview
3.2 Adding Details to a Customer
3.3 Searching for a Customer
3.4 Working with Memorized Documents
3.5 Printing a Statement
Lab 2
4.0 Managing Vendors
4.1 Vendor Management Overview
4.2 Adding Details to a Vendor
4.3 Searching for a Vendor
4.4 Recording Expenses
Lab 3
5.0 Managing Employees
5.1 Employee Management Overview
5.2 Adding More Details to an Employee
5.3 Searching for an Employee
Lab 4
6.0 Working with Inventory
6.1 Creating a Purchase Order
6.2 Receiving Items from Vendors
6.3 Creating a Credit Macro
Lab 5
7.0 Accounts Receivable
7.1 Creating an Invoice
7.2 Exporting an Invoice to Microsoft Word
7.3 Receiving a Payment
7.4 Creating a Bank Deposit
Lab 6
8.0 Accounts Payable
8.1 Entering Bills
8.2 Paying Bills
8.3 Issuing a Payment
Lab 7
9.0 Reporting
9.1 Creating an Inventory Report
9.2 Creating an Employee Report
9.3 Creating an Accounts Payable Report
9.4 Creating an Accounts Receivable Report
Lab 8
Level 2
1.0 Advanced User Settings
1.1 Setting Up Multiple Users
1.2 Reviewing Security Features
1.3 Changing Administration Settings
1.4 Browsing Management Features
2.0 Managing Company Task Items
2.1 Posting Journal Entries
2.2 Forecasting Cash Flow
2.3 Paying Sales Tax
2.4 Writing a Letter
Lab 1
3.0 Working with Payroll
3.1 Posting a Time Entry
3.2 Creating a Time Sheet
3.3 Printing Payroll Stubs
Lab 2
4.0 Managing Customer Tasks
4.1 Creating a New Quote
4.2 Creating a New Sales Order
4.3 Posting a Credit
4.4 Posting a Refund
4.5 Adding a Finance Charge
4.6 Creating a Cash Sale
Lab 3
5.0 Reporting
5.1 Reviewing Report Samples
5.2 Familiarizing with the Reporting Command Options
5.3 Browsing the Quick Report List
5.4 Creating Profit and Loss Graphs
5.5 Exporting a Customer Transaction Summary Report in Excel
Lab 4
6.0 Managing Banking Tasks
6.1 Writing a Check
6.2 Printing a Check
6.3 Charging a Credit Card
6.4 Transferring Funds
6.5 Adding a New Entry to the Account Register
6.6 Creating a New Bank Account
Lab 5
7.0 Formatting a Page for Printing
7.1 Customizing Page Setup
7.2 Using Print Preview
7.3 Printing a Report
Lab 6
Level 3
1.0 The Chart of Accounts
1.1 Adding a New Account to the Chart of Accounts
1.2 Sorting the Chart of Accounts
1.3 Adding a Register Entry for an Account
1.4 Expanding and Collapsing the Chart Hierarchy
2.0 Managing Journal Entries and Payment Lists
2.1 Sorting Journal Entries
2.2 Adding a New Journal Entry from the Journal Entry List
2.3 Finding a Payment in the Payment List
2.4 Adding a New Payment from the Payment List
3.0 Templates and Forms
3.1 Reviewing the Microsoft Word Templates
3.2 Modifying a Word Template
3.3 Customizing a Form
4.0 Managing Users and Utilities
4.1 Managing the Role of a User
4.2 Reviewing the Data Utilities
4.3 Backing up Company Data
4.4 Restoring a Backup
4.5 Deleting a Company
4.6 Recording an Account
5.0 Working with Data Files
5.1 Importing a Data File
5.2 Repairing a Data File
5.3 Attaching a Data File
5.4 Detaching a Data File
5.5 Disabling the Integration with Business Contact Manager in Outlook
5.6 Setting up an Accountant Transfer
6.0 Compressing Data
6.1 Selecting the Settings for Compressing Data
6.2 Compressing the Data
6.3 Creating a Copy of the Original Data
7.0 Reviewing the Online Store
7.1 Browsing Microsoft Checks and Forms
7.2 Ordering Checks
8.0 Customizing Inventory
8.1 Adjusting Inventory Quality and Value
8.2 Adjusting Inventory Quantity and Value
8.3 Changing Item Pricing
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