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Linux: Red Hat to SUSE Migration

Instructor: Dr. Chris Brown
Dr. Brown is one of the four core consultants for First Technology Transfer out of Carshalton, Surrey, UK. He heads up FTT's Linux training. He holds a BA in theoretical physics and a Ph.D. in experimental particle physics, both from Cambridge University.
Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 The Big Picture
1.1 Key Similarities
1.2 Key Differences
1.3 Key Features and Components
1.4 Comparison of Version Numbers
2.0 Installing SUSE Linux
2.1 Key Decisions During Installation
2.2 Installation from CD's
2.3 Installation from a Network Server
2.4 Using AutoYaST
Level 2
1.0 System Configuration
1.1 Introduction to YaST
1.2 Installing Software
1.3 YaST Online Update (YOU)
1.4 Printer Configuration
1.5 Partition Management
1.6 Logical Volume Management
1.7 SUSEconfig
2.0 User Management
2.1 Managing Users and Groups
2.2 Managing Users and Groups Using YaST
2.3 Setting Account Creation Defaults
3.0 Network Configuration
3.1 Command Line Configuration
3.2 Configuring Network Interface
3.3 Configuration in /etc/sysconfig/network
3.4 Hotplug Support for Network Interface
Level 3
1.0 System Security
1.1 File Permissions
1.2 SUSE Firewall Configuration
1.3 PAM Configuration
2.0 Service Management
2.1 Managing Services Manually
2.2 Run-levels and Startup Scripts
2.3 Run-level Configuration Using chkconfig & innserv
2.4 Run-level Configuration Using YaST
2.5 Service Start-up via xinetd
3.0 Filesystem Organization
3.1 FHS Compliance and Differences from RedHat
3.2 Mount Points for Removable Media
4.0 Kernal Issues
4.1 The /proc Filesystem
4.2 Turning Kernal Parameters with the sysctl Command & YaST
4.3 User Mode Linux
5.0 Migration Overview
5.1 Migration Priorities
5.2 Things Worth Saving
5.3 Data Migration
6.0 Account Migration
6.1 Migrating the passwd, Shadow and Group Files
6.2 Migrating NIS Accounts
6.3 Migrating LDAP Accounts
7.0 Desktop Migration
7.1 Migrating E-mail to Kmail
7.2 Migrating your Address Book
7.3 Migrating Browser Bookmarks
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