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Linux LPIC-1

Course Outlines
Level 1
Topic 101: Hardware & Architecture
1.101.1 Fundamental BIOS Settings
1.101.4 Setup SCSI Devices
1.101.5 PC Expansion Cards
1.101.3/1.101.6 Communication Config.
1.101.7 Configure USB Devices
Level 2
Topic 102: Linux Installation
1.102.0 Linux Installation
1.102.1 Design hard disk layout
1.102.2 Install a boot manager
1.102.3 Install programs from source
1.102.4 Manage shared libraries
1.102.5 Debian package management
1.102.6 RPM
Level 3
Topic:103 GNU & Unix commands
1.103.1 Command line
1.103.2 Using filters
1.103.3 File management
1.103.4 Streams/pipes/redirects
1.103.5 Monitoring processes
1.103.6 Process execution priorities
1.103.7 Search using expressions
1.103.8 Basic file editing
Level 4
Topic 104: Filesystem hierarchy
1.104.1 Create Partitions and Filesytems
1.104.2 Maintain Integrity of Filesystems
1.104.3 Mounting/Unmounting Filesystems
1.104.4 Managing Disk Quota
1.104.5 Use File Permissions
1.104.6 Manage File Ownership
1.104.7 Changing Symbolic Links
1.104.8 Finding System Files
Level 5
Topic 110: The X window system
1.110.1 Install XFree86
1.110.2 Setup a display manager
1.110.4 Window manager environment
Level 6
Topic 105: Kernel
1.105.1 Manage/Query Kernel
1.105.2 Reconfigure kernel modules
Level 7
Topic 106: Boot/Initialization/Shutdown
1.106.1 Boot the System
1.106.2 Change runlevels
Level 8
Topic 107:Printing
1.107.2 Manage printers
1.107.3 Print Files
1.107.4 Install and configure printers
Level 9
Topic 108: Documentation
1.108.1 Use and manage local system documentation
1.108.2 Linux on the Internet
Level 10
Topic 109: Shells/Scripting/Programming
1.109.1 Customize the shell environment
1.109.2 Customize simple scripts
Level 11
Topic 111: Administrative Tasks
1.111.1 Managing Users and Groups
1.111.2 Tuning Environment Variables
1.111.3 Configuring and Using System Log Files
1.111.4 Automating System Administration Tasks
1.111.5 Maintaining an Effective Data Backup
1.111.6 Maintain system time
Level 12
Topic 112: Networking Fundamentals
1.112.1 Fundamentals of TCP/IP
1.112.3 TCP/IP configuration and troubleshooting
1.112.4 Configure Linux as a PPP client
Level 13
Topic 113: Networking Services
1.113.1 Manage inetd- xinetd
1.113.2 Basic configuration of sendmail
1.113.3 Basic configuration of Apache
1.113.4 Manage the NFS, smb, & nmb daemons
1.113.5 Setup & configure DNS services
1.113.7 Set up secure shell (OpenSSH)
Level 14
Topic 114: Security
1.114.1 Perform security administration tasks
1.114.2 Setup host security
1.114.3 Setup user level security
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