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InfoPath 2007

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 InfoPath Basic
1.1 Using the Getting Started window
1.2 Interface Over View
1.3 Closing InfoPath 2007
Lab 1
2.0 Interacting with InfoPath
2.1 Using Menus
2.2 Using the Standard Toolbar
2.3 Using the Formatting Toolbar
2.4 Using Task Panes
Lab 2
3.0 Customizing InfoPath
3.1 Moving Toolbars
3.2 Hiding and Showing Toolbars
3.3 Creating Toolbars
3.4 Deleting Toolbars
3.5 Modifying Menus
3.6 Resetting Toolbars and Menus
Lab 3
4.0 Basic Editing Commands
4.1 Selecting Objects
4.2 Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
4.3 Undo and Redo
4.4 Resizing Objects
4.5 Moving Objects
4.6 Aligning Controls and Labels
Lab 4
5.0 Text Formatting
5.1 Basic Text Effects
5.2 Changing Text Color
5.3 Changing Font Type and Size
5.4 Aligning Text
5.5 Applying a Background Color
5.6 Using Color Schemes
Lab 5
6.0 Working with Files
6.1 Saving Files
6.2 Opening Files
6.3 Switching Between Open Files
6.4 Windows Controls
6.5 Closing Files
Lab 6
Level 2
1.0 Getting Started with Forms
1.1 Choosing a Form
1.2 Form Tasks
1.3 Creating a New Form
1.4 Searching for Templates
Lab 1
2.0 Designing a Form
2.1 Using the Design a Form Window
2.2 Using the Design Task Pane
2.3 Setting the Layout
2.4 Using the Tables Toolbar
Lab 2
3.0 Working with Basic Forms
3.1 Opening a Form
3.2 Understanding the Form
3.3 Entering Data
3.4 Saving Your Form
Lab 3
4.0 Finishing Your Form
4.1 Using Controls
4.2 Using Data Sources
4.3 Switching Controls
4.4 Running the Design Checker
4.5 How to Protect a Form
4.6 Using Security Levels
4.7 Testing a Form
4.8 Publishing to a Shared Network Folder
Lab 4
5.0 Printing and Viewing Forms
5.1 Opening the Views Task Pane
5.2 Creating a View
5.3 Choosing a View
5.4 Creating a Print Version
Lab 5
6.0 Using Print Preview and Printing Forms
6.1 Opening Print Preview
6.2 Using Print Preview
6.3 Using the Zoom Feature
6.4 Navigating Print Preview
6.5 Printing Commands
6.6 Setting Printer Options
6.7 Copies and Print Ranges
Lab 6
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