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InDesign CS3

Course Outlines
1.0 Chapter 1
1.1 Reviewing Whats New
1.2 Reviewing the Tools Bar
1.3 Browsing the Menus
1.4 Managing Windows
1.5 Managing the Palettes
1.6 Configuring Preferences and Settings
2.0 Chapter 2
2.1 Creating a New File
2.2 Opening and Placing Files
2.3 Including File Information
2.4 Editing Document Setup
3.0 Chapter 3
3.1 Using Rulers and Guides
3.2 Selecting and Placing Objects
3.3 Overview of Layers
3.4 Changing Views
3.5 Reviewing Color Options
3.6 Using the Drawing Tools
3.7 Working with Margins, Bleeds and Layout Options
4.0 Chapter 4
4.1 Adding and Formatting Text
4.2 Wrapping and Linking Text Boxes
4.3 Adding Text to a Table
4.4 Using Styles
4.5 Adding Effects
4.6 Editing and Proofing Text
5.0 Chapter 5
5.1 Performing Edit Menu Basics
5.2 Performing Object Menu Basics
5.3 Creating Lines, Strokes and Fills
5.4 Managing Pages, Master Pages and Templates
5.5 Using the Adobe Bridge
5.6 Integration with Other Adobe Programs
6.0 Chapter 6
6.1 Saving a File
6.2 Exporting a File
6.3 Printing a File
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