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Illustrator CS3

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Reviewing the Workspace
1.1 Reviewing Whats New
1.2 Reviewing the Toolbar
1.3 Browsing the Menus
1.4 Managing Windows
1.5 Configuring Preferences and Settings
2.0 Getting Started
2.1 Creating a New File
2.2 Opening a File
2.3 Placing a File
2.4 Including File Information
2.5 Editing Document Setup
3.0 Performing Ilustrator Basics
3.1 Using Rulers and Guides
3.2 Selecting Objects
3.3 Overview of Layers
3.4 Changing Views
3.5 Using Undo and Redo
3.6 Drawing a Line
3.7 Adding Text
3.8 Adding Color
4.0 Working With Shapes
4.1 Reviewing the Shape Tools
4.2 Creating Circles and Stars
4.3 Creating Rectangles and Polygons
4.4 Using Snapping and Aligning
4.5 Editing Shapes
5.0 Transforming Tools
5.1 Scaling and Shearing
5.2 Reflecting and Rotating
5.3 Using Scissors and Slicing
5.4 Arranging Items
6.0 Saving and Printing
6.1 Saving a File
6.2 Saving for Web
6.3 Exporting a File
6.4 Printing a File
7.0 Working With Adobe Bridge
7.1 Overview of the Bridge
7.2 Managing Color with Adobe Bridge
Level 2
1.0 Managing Color
1.1 Reviewing Color Selections
1.2 Managing Fill and Transparency
1.3 Using Gradients
1.4 Working with Strokes
1.5 Managing Swatches
1.6 Using the Live Paint Bucket
2.0 Working With Tools
2.1 Using the Magic Wand and Lasso
2.2 Reviewing Paintbrush and Pencil
2.3 Reviewing Warping and Free Transforming
2.4 Reviewing Symbol Spraying and Column Graphs
2.5 Reviewing Mesh and Blending
3.0 Mastering the Pen Tool
3.1 Creating a Straight-Edged Shape
3.2 Creating Curves
3.3 Managing Points
3.4 Editing Shapes
4.0 Working With Layers
4.1 Inserting a New Layer
4.2 Duplicating a Layer
4.3 Hiding and Grouping Layers
5.0 Beyond The Basics
5.1 Creating a Compound Path
5.2 Working with Compound Paths
5.3 Dividing and Uniting
5.4 Managing Selections
5.5 Working with Blends
5.6 Working with Masks
6.0 Managing Text
6.1 Placing Text from Another Document
6.2 Managing Type
6.3 Leading, Flowing and Formatting
6.4 Adding Effects to Text
7.0 Managing Gradients
7.1 Reviewing the Gradient Styles
7.2 Managing Color Stops
7.3 Replacing Gradient Colors
7.4 Working with Gradient Mesh
Level 3
1.0 Working W/The Paintbrush Tool
1.1 Managing the Brushes Palette
1.2 Working with Paths
1.3 Adding Color and Effects
1.4 Editing Brush Paths
1.5 Managing Text with the Art Brush
2.0 Advanced Transparency
2.1 Assigning Opacity
2.2 Managing Opacity Masks
2.3 Working with Modes
2.4 Managing the Flattener Preview
3.0 Managing Symbols
3.1 Overview of Symbols
3.2 Creating Symbols
3.3 Editing Symbols
4.0 Going Live
4.1 Creating Dynamic Text
4.2 Creating 3-D Effects
4.3 Managing Live Color
4.4 Using with Live Paint
4.5 Working with Live Trace
5.0 Working With Live Effects
5.1 Overview of Live Effects
5.2 Review of Filters and Effects
5.3 Working with Graphic Styles
5.4 Adding Effects
5.5 Managing Effects
5.6 Creating a Custom Graphic Style
5.7 Duplicating a Graphic Style
6.0 Adv. Saving and Printing Options
6.1 Saving in a Previous Version
6.2 EPS vs AI vs PDF
6.3 Creating Outlines
6.4 Trimming, Bleeding and Cropping
6.5 Exporting to Other Applications
6.6 Creating Flash Animations
6.7 Exporting Flash Animations
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