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Helpdesk Essentials : Legacy Software

Instructor: Kevin Wolford
Kevin Wolford started his computer career in 1983. He has been a technical writer, network administrator, and trainer. Kevin spent many years with Novell and is a CNI and Master CNE. In 1998 Kevin founded Tech Training, giving him a chance to test his training ideas on live labs. He is also an MCSE, MCT, and is certified in SMS, SQL Server, TCP/IP, NT Workstation, NT Server, Exchange Server, Windows 9x and 2000. Kevin has authored Microsoft certification books for New Riders and Sybex. He also owns a consulting company dedicated to teaching complex technical topics in a simple way.
Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Booting
1.1 OS Differences
1.2 Windows 9X Booting
1.3 Windows NT Booting
1.4 Boot Disks
1.5 Hardware Boot Issues
2.0 Supporting Devices
2.1 Drivers
2.2 Tools
2.3 Print Configuration
2.4 Startup Issues
Level 2
1.0 Disc Management
1.1 Partitioning
1.2 File Systems
1.3 File Management
1.4 Command-Line Tools
2.0 Installation
2.1 Requirements
2.2 Starting an Install
2.3 Installation Steps
2.4 Upgrade Requirements
Level 3
1.0 Configuring OS
1.1 Windows XP
1.2 Registry
1.3 Memory and Performance
2.0 Troubleshooting Windows
2.1 Booting
2.2 Event Viewer
2.3 Utility
Level 4
1.0 Networking
1.1 Protocols
1.2 Connectivity
1.3 Resource Sharing
2.0 IP Configuration
2.1 IP Addressing
2.2 IP Tools
2.3 Browser Configuration
2.4 Firewall Configuration
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