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GroupWise 6.5

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 The Main Window
1.1 Overview of Main Window items
1.2 Using the Folder and Item List boxes
1.3 Using the Toolbar
1.4 Using the Context Sensitive Toolbar
1.5 Using QuickMenus
1.6 GroupWise Modes (Online, Caching & Remote)
2.0 Sending GroupWise items out
2.1 Sending Email
2.2 Attaching files to messages
2.3 Message Appearance
2.4 Spell Check & QuickCorrect
2.5 Send Options, Status Tracking and Message Security
2.6 Retracting and Resending Items
3.0 Address Selector
3.1 Selecting desired Address Book
3.2 Filtering the list
3.3 Changing the Search Criteria
3.4 Adding a New Contact
3.5 Creating and using Groups
4.0 Dealing with Incoming Items
4.1 Opening and Reading Items
4.2 Replying, Forwarding and Deleting Items
4.3 Viewing, Opening, Saving and Printing Attachments
4.4 Using the QuickViewer
5.0 Personal Folders
5.1 Creating Folders
5.2 Moving and Linking Items to Folders
5.3 Opening and Expanding Folders
5.4 Deleting Folders
6.0 GroupWise Calendar View
6.1 Navigating the GroupWise Calendar
6.2 Reading Items in the Calendar
6.3 Posting personal Appointments, Notes & Tasks
6.4 Accepting Appointments
6.5 Rescheduling Items
6.6 Setting Alarms
6.7 Printing your Calendar
7.0 Scheduling Group Appointments
7.1 Accepting, Declining, and Delegating Appointments
7.2 Busy Search
7.3 Scheduling Recurring Meetings
7.4 Rescheduling Meetings
8.0 Personalizing and Categorizing GroupWise items
8.1 eMail Messages
8.2 Calendar Items (Appointments, Notes & Tasks)
9.0 Notify
9.1 Starting Notify
9.2 Setting Notify Options
9.3 Turning Notify off
10.0 GroupWise Options
10.1 Understanding Default Options
10.2 Summary of key/recommended Option settings
11.0 Trash
11.1 Recovering deleted items
11.2 Emptying your trash
Level 2
1.0 Shared Folders
1.1 Understanding Shared Folders
1.2 Sharing an existing Folder
1.3 Accepting a Folder Shared with you
1.4 Creating a Shared Folder
1.5 Posting Items to a Shared Folder
2.0 Discussion Threads
2.1 Creating Discussion Threads
2.2 Participating in Discussion Threads
3.0 Sharing Documents
3.1 Adding Documents to a Folder
3.2 Adding New Documents to a Folder
3.3 Basic Document Management Settings
4.0 Checklist
4.1 Overview of the Checklist
4.2 Moving items to the Checklist
5.0 GroupWise 6.5 Address Book
5.1 Performing Actions on Contacts in the Address Book
5.2 Searching for Address Book Items
5.3 Creating a new Contact in the Address Book
5.4 Categorizing Contacts
5.5 Using and modifying the Frequent Contacts book
5.6 Using and Creating Personal Address Books
5.7 Defining the Name Completion Search Order
5.8 Creating and Using Groups
5.9 Synchronizing your Personal Address Books
5.10 Sharing Address Books
5.11 Printing  and Exporting Contacts and/or Address Books
6.0 Routing Slip
6.1 Creating Routing Slips
6.2 Requiring Passwords to mark Routed Item complete
6.3 Tracking status of Routed Items
6.4 Viewing and editing a Routed item
Level 3
1.0 Group Calendars
2.0 Filters
2.1 Creating and Applying a Filter
2.2 Clearing a Filter
2.3 Saving a Filter
3.0 Finding Items
3.1 Understanding how to find items in GroupWise
3.2 Basic & Advanced Find
3.3 Saving Find results to a Folder
3.4 Creating a Find Results Folder
4.0 Rules
4.1 Understanding Rules
4.2 Creating and Editing Rules
4.3 Enabling and Disabling Rules
4.4 Optimizing Rules
5.0 Proxy
5.1 Understanding Proxy
5.2 Establishing an Access List
5.3 Protecting Personal items
5.4 Accessing another user’s Mailbox
5.5 Multi-user Calendar
6.0 Archive
6.1 Archive Mailbox concepts
6.2 Creating an Archive Directory
6.3 Archiving Items
6.4 Opening your GroupWise Archive mailbox
6.5 Unarchiving Items
7.0 GroupWise Modes
8.0 Backing up your GroupWise Mailbox
8.1 Setting a Backup Location
8.2 Automatic Backup
8.3 Accessing your Backup
8.4 Restoring Items from your Backup
9.0 Junk Mail
9.1 Junk Mail List
9.2 Blocked Mail List
9.3 Trusted Mail List
10.0 Editing your Toolbars
Level 4
1.0 WebAccess Overview
1.1 Logging into the GroupWise mailbox
1.2 The Main Window
2.0 Sending Messages
2.1 Composing the mail Message and the Address Book
2.2 Spell Checking Messages
2.3 Attaching Documents
2.4 Send Options
3.0 Sent Items
3.1 Deleting and Retracting Sent Items
3.2 Sent Item Properties and Other Properties
4.0 Working with Received Items
4.1 Opening and Reading Messages
4.2 Marking as Read Later
4.3 Performing Actions on Received Items
4.4 Printing Items
4.5 Viewing, Opening and Sending Attachments
4.6 Working with Trash
5.0 Organizing Messages
5.1 Creating Personal Folder
5.2 Moving Messages to a Folder
5.3 Moving Messages to a Folder
5.4 Deleting Folders
6.0 GroupWise Calendar
6.1 Accessing the GroupWise Calendar
6.2 Creating/Scheduling Group Appointments
7.0 Shared Folders
7.1 Sharing a Folder
7.2 Posting an Item/File to a Shared Folder
8.0 Checklists
8.1 Moving Items to a Checklist
9.0 Finding Items in GroupWise
9.1 Using the “Find” Feature
10.0 GroupWise Rules
10.1 Creating, Editing, Enabling and Disabling a GroupWise Rule
11.0 GroupWise Proxy
11.1 GroupWise Proxy
11.2 Granting Proxy Access
12.0 Document Libraries
12.1 Finding and Accessing Items in a Library
13.0 GroupWise Options
13.1 GroupWise Options
13.2 Selecting Current Time Zone
14.0 Exiting GroupWise
14.1 Shutting Down the Connection
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