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GroupWise 5.5 to 6.5 Upgrade

Instructor: Rick James
Rick James has worked in the computer industry since 1985, when he began his career as a computer science major working for the former WordPerfect Corporation. His interests later turned from software development to business and marketing within the computer industry. In 1995, Rick James founded Brainstorm Inc. and is currently a partner of Makau Corporation. Our goal is to provide good technical training in laymen's terms. We present complex concepts in ways that all employees can understand.
Course Outlines
1.0 Main Window Overview
1.1 Toolbars
1.2 Header Bar/Mode Drop-down List
1.3 New Icons
1.4 Forwarding Multiple Items
2.0 Incoming Items
2.1 Sorting Folders and Columns
2.2 Filters
2.3 Opening and Reading Items
2.4 Personalizing & Categorizing Items
2.5 Using the Quick Viewer
3.0 Sending GroupWise Items
3.1 Sending Email
3.2 Message Appearance
3.3 From Drop-down List(Proxy)
3.4 Undo
4.0 Address Selector
4.1 Selecting an Address Book
4.2 Filtering Lists
4.3 Adding a New Contact
5.0 Appointments
5.1 Creating a New Appointment
5.2 Recurring Appointments
5.3 Accepting and Declining Appointments
6.0 Calendar View
6.1 Navigating the Calendar
6.2 Categorizing Appointments
6.3 Multiuser Calendars
7.0 GroupWise Options
7.1 Recommended Options Settings
8.0 Checklist Folder
8.1 Working With and Creating Checklists
8.2 Moving Items out of the Checklists
9.0 GroupWise Address Book
9.1 Overview
9.2 Working with Contacts
9.3 Creating and Using Groups
9.4 Name Completion Position
10.0 Contacts Folder
10.1 Working with the Contacts Folder
10.2 History Tab
10.3 Creating New Entries and Categorizing Contacts
11.0 Junk Mail
11.1 Junk Mail Handling
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