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Exchange Server 5.5 to 2003 Migration

Instructor: Joe Tucker
Joe has taught classes ranging from MCSE classes to MCDBA, and is qualified to teach 11 different courses. Joe is a senior technical Consultant/Trainer with over 8 years in the IT certification training field. Currently Joe is responsible for delivering technical, MCSE 2000/2003 certification, customized computer training and consulting solutions to corporate clients throughout the United States and International venues.
Course Outlines
1.0 Identifying Requirements
1.1 Network Requirements
1.2 Server Requirements
1.3 Window Server 2003 Services
1.4 Reviewing Additional Considerations
1.5 Understanding Migration Options
1.6 Section Summary
2.0 Exchange Server Deployment Tools
2.1 Deployment Tools
2.2 Preparing Active Directory
2.3 Installing Exchange Server 2003
3.0 Using the Standard Migration
3.1 Existing Organization Installs
3.2 Moving Mailboxes & Public Folders
3.3 Removing Exchange 5.5 Servers
3.4 Changing Modes
4.0 Using the Swing Upgrade
4.1 Using the Swing Upgrade
5.0 Using the External Migration
5.1 Installing into a New Organization
5.2 Connecting Directories
5.3 Using the Migration Wizard
6.0 Using EX Merge
6.1 Using EX Merge
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