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Exchange Server 2003 (70-284)

Instructor: Joe Tucker
Joe Tucker, a consultant/trainer for Intelligent Concepts, Inc. has extensive experience in technologies such as DNS, DHCP, VPNs and TCP/IP routing and configuration. He has trained many clients on use of Technology and trains in a classroom and lecture environment on how to install and administer Windows NT/2000/2003. His experience in the deployment of operating systems and applications as well as controlling and maintaining user environments and data is extensive. Joe has taught at Microsoft Authorized Technical Education Centers throughout the United States. Joe’s certifications include: CTT Certified Technical Trainer, Cisco Certified Network Associate – CCNA, Microsoft Certified Product Specialist Certification, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.
Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Installing and Upgrading to Exchange Server 2003
1.1 Installing Exchange Server 2003
1.2 Installing Exchange Server 2003 in a Clustered Environment
1.3 Exchange Management Tools and Utilities
1.4 Upgrading from Exchange 2000
2.0 Configuring and Managing Exchange Server 2003
2.1 Creating and Applying Exchange Policies
2.2 Proactive management of Exchanger Server 2003
2.3 Adding, Removing and Updating Exchanger Servers
2.4 Managing Exchanger Server in a Mixed Environment
Level 2
1.0 Securing Exchange Server
1.1 Preparing for and Protecting Against Computer Viruses
1.2 Securing Mailboxes
1.3 Digital Signatures and Encryption
1.4 Configuring Firewalls
1.5 Configuring Administrative Permissions
1.6 Controlling Services
2.0 Managing Recipients
2.1 Exchange Recipients
2.2 Creating, Deleting and Modifying Users and Contacts
2.3 Managing Mailboxes
3.0 Managing Public Folders
3.1 Managing Public Folder Data
3.2 Managing Access to Public Folders
3.3 Publishing Outlook Forms
Level 3
1.0 Managing Address Lists
1.1 Introduction to Address Lists
1.2 Customizing Address Lists
2.0 Internet Client Access
2.1 Internet Client Access Protocols
2.2 Implementing a Front-End and Back-End Server Topology
2.3 Outlook Web Access
3.0 Managing Clients
3.1 Configuring Outlook
3.2 Calendaring in Outlook
3.3 Outlook Express
Level 4
1.0 Managing Routing
1.1 Message Routing
1.2 Configuring Routing
1.3 Internet Connectivity
1.4 Managing Internet Connectivity
2.0 Mobile Devices
2.1 Mobile Service Components
2.2 Users and Mobile Access
3.0 Data Storage
3.1 Managing Data Storage
3.2 Managing Disk Space
3.3 Managing Hardware Upgrades
Level 5
1.0 Disaster Recovery
1.1 Planning for Disaster Recovery
1.2 Backing up Exchange
1.3 Restoring Stores and Mailboxes
1.4 Restoring Exchange Servers
2.0 Preventative Maintenance
2.1 Daily Maintenance
2.2 Performing Scheduled Maintenance
2.3 On-Demand Maintenance
3.0 Migrating from Exchange 5.5
3.1 Migrating NT 4.0 Users to Active Directory
3.2 Connecting the Exchange 5.5 Directory to Active Directory
3.3 Moving Mailbox and Public Folder Contents
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