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Excel 2007

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Creating a Basic Worksheet
1.1 Explore the User Interface and the Ribbon
1.2 Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
1.3 Navigate and Select in Excel
1.4 Enter Data and Save a Workbook
1.5 Lab: Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
1.6 Lab: Using the Help Feature
2.0 Performing Calculations
2.1 Create Basic Formulas
2.2 Calculate with Functions
2.3 Copy Formulas and Functions
2.4 Lab: Creating Basic Formulas
2.5 Lab: Calculate with Functions
2.6 Lab: Copy Formulas and Functions
3.0 Modifying a Worksheet
3.1 Manipulate Data
3.2 Working with Cells, Columns, and Rows
3.3 Search for Data in a Worksheet
3.4 Spell Check a Worksheet
3.5 Lab: Working with Cells, Columns, and Rows
3.6 Lab: Search for Data in a Worksheet
3.7 Lab: Spell Check a Worksheet
4.0 Formatting a Worksheet
4.1 Modify Fonts
4.2 Add Borders and Color to Cells
4.3 Change Column Width and Row Height
4.4 Apply Number Formats
4.5 Using Styles
4.6 Lab: Modifying Fonts
4.7 Lab: Adding Borders and Color to Cells
4.8 Lab: Apply Number Formats
5.0 Printing Workbook Contents
5.1 Print Workbook Contents Using Default Print Options
5.2 Setting Page Breaks
5.3 Lab: Printing Workbook Contents
6.0 Managing Large Workbooks
6.1 Format Worksheet Tabs
6.2 Manage Worksheets in a Workbook
6.3 Manage the View of Large Worksheets
Level 2
1.0 Calculating Data ~with Advanced Formulas
1.1 Manage Cell and Range Names
1.2 Calculating Data Across Worksheets
1.3 Analyzing Data with Logical and Lookup Functions
Lab 1.1 Managing Cell and Range Names
2.0 Organizing Worksheet ~and Table Data
2.1 Creating and Modifying Tables
2.2 Formatting Tables
2.3 Sorting or Filtering Worksheet or Table Data
2.4 Calculating Data in a Table or Worksheet
Lab 2.1 Formatting Tables
3.0 Presenting Data Using Charts
3.1 How to Create a Chart
3.2 Modifying Charts
3.3 Formatting Charts
Lab 3.1 How to Create a Chart
Lab 3.2 Modifying Charts
Lab 3.3 Formatting Charts
4.0 Analyzing Data ~Using PivotTables and PivotCharts
4.1 Creating a PivotTable Report
4.2 Analyzing and Modifying a PivotTable
5.0 Inserting Graphic Objects
5.1 Inserting and Modifying Pictures and ClipArt
5.2 Drawing and Modifying Shapes
Lab 5.1 Inserting and Modifying Pictures and ClipArt
6.0 Customizing and Enhancing ~Workbooks and the Excel Environment
6.1 How to Customize the Excel Environment
6.2 Customizing Workbooks
6.3 Managing Themes
6.4 How to Create and Use Templates
Lab 6.1 How to Customize the Excel Environment
Lab 6.2 How to Create and Use Templates
Level 3
1.0 Streamlining Workflow
1.1 Creating Macros
1.2 Adding Macros to the Quick Access Toolbar
1.3 Editing a Macro
1.4 Using Conditional Formatting
1.5 Applying Data Validation to a Worksheet
1.6 Updating Workbook Properties
1.7 Modifying Excel Options
2.0 Collaborating with Others
2.1 Protecting Files and Sharing Workbooks
2.2 Merging Multiple Workbooks
2.3 Adjusting Macro Settings
2.4 Restricting Document Access
3.0 Auditing Worksheets
3.1 Tracing Cell Precedents and Dependents
3.2 Troubleshooting Errors in Formulas
3.3 Watching and Evaluating Formulas
3.4 Creating a Data List Outline
4.0 Analyzing Data
4.1 Adding a Trend Line to Charts
4.2 Create Scenarios and Performing What-If Analysis
5.0 Working with Multiple Workbooks
5.1 Create a Workspace
5.2 Consolidate Data
5.3 Managing Linked Cells in Different Workbooks
6.0 Importing and Exporting Data
6.1 Exporting Excel Data
6.2 Importing a Table from Word
6.3 Importing a Delimited Text File
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