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Dreamweaver CS3

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Reviewing Web Terminology
1.1 Describing HTML, XHTML, DHTML
1.2 Describing Cascading Style Sheets
1.3 Basic Scripting Capabilities
1.4 Reviewing Basic Protocol
2.0 Getting Started
2.1 Using the Welcome Screen
2.2 Reviewing the Workspace
2.3 Working with Panels
2.4 Managing the Document
2.5 Using Help
3.0 Setting Up Your Environment
3.1 Establishing a Browser
3.2 Setting Up a Site
3.3 Creating Supporting Folders
3.4 Adding Pages to Folders
3.5 Managing Your Site
4.0 Dreamweaver Basics
4.1 Creating a Document
4.2 Including Text
4.3 Managing Images
4.4 Managing LInks
4.5 Reviewing Metatags
5.0 Working with Style Sheets
5.1 Overview of CSS Setup
5.2 Using the CSS Styles Panel
5.3 Managing Selectors
6.0 Layout Fundamentals
6.1 Creating Tables
6.2 Inserting Content
6.3 Editing Tables
6.4 Reviewing the Layout Tools
6.5 Managing Tags and Layout Tables
7.0 Working with Text
7.1 Establishing Margins, Padding and Line Height
7.2 Editing and Formatting Text
7.3 Using the Property Inspector
8.0 Introduction to Forms
8.1 Reviewing Form Basics
8.2 Adding Form Content
8.3 Submitting Your Form
8.4 Using CSS to Add Style
Level 2
1.0 Adding Functionality
1.1 Rollover Basics
1.2 Working with Multiple States
1.3 Incorporating Flash Rollovers
1.4 Managing Popups and Browsers
1.5 Setting Up Automation
2.0 Using XHTML, XML and XSL
2.1 Using the Code Toolbar
2.2 XHTML Setup and Viewing
2.3 Editing XHTML Code
2.4 Managing XML Documents
2.5 Managing XSL Documents
2.6 Incorporating an RSS Feed
3.0 Using Templates and Integration
3.1 Using and Editing a Template
3.2 Creating a Template
3.3 Managing Regions
3.4 Working with Library Items
3.5 Reviewing Image Editing
3.6 Image Integration with Fireworks and Photoshop
3.7 Setting Preferences
4.0 Adding Audio, Video, and Flash
4.1 Managing Audio and Video Files
4.2 Managing Flash elements
4.3 Managing Parameters for Content
5.0 Streamlining Your Work
5.1 Shortcuts and Edits
5.2 Incorporating the Bridge
5.3 Using CSS Template Pages
5.4 Using CSS to Simplify Structure
6.0 Advanced Capabilities
6.1 Reviewing Spry Framework
6.2 Reviewing Database Integration
6.3 Reviewing Behaviors
6.4 Reviewing Collaboration Tools
7.0 Adding Accessibility
7.1 Reviewing Guidelines and Setting Preferences
7.2 Managing Accessible Content
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