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Crystal Reports 2008

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Creating Running Tools
1.1 Creating a Running Total Field
1.2 Modify a Running Total Field
1.3 Manual Running Totals on Detail Data
1.4 Manual Running Totals on Summary Data
1.5 Duplicating a Running Total
Lab 1
2.0 Building Cross-tabs
2.1 Create a Cross-tab
2.2 Create a Specified Group Order
2.3 Filter a Cross-tab by Group
2.4 Change the Cross-tab Format
2.5 Conditionally Format Rows and Columns
2.6 Keep Groups Together
2.7 Cross-Tab Calculations
Lab 2
3.0 Adding Subreports
3.1 Insert a Subreport
3.2 Link a Subreport to a Primary Report
3.3 Edit a Subreport's Structure
3.4 Format a Subreport Using the Format Editior
3.5 Share Variables Between Subreports and Primary Reports
3.6 Create an On-demand Subreport
Lab 3
4.0 Creating Drill-downs
4.1 Create a Drill-down
4.2 Create Seperate Headings for Drill-down Data
Lab 4
5.0 Writing SQL Statements
5.1 Create a Report Using SQL Queries
5.2 SQL Aggregate Functions
5.3 Create Joins Using SQL
5.4 Create Subqueries
5.5 Create a SQL Expression Field
Lab 5
Level 2
1.0 Charting Data
1.1 Create a Bar Chart
1.2 Modify a Chart
1.3 Format a Chart
1.4 Create a Chart Template
1.5 Create a Top N Chart
1.6 Create a Cross-tab Chart
Lab 1
2.0 Reporting on Excel Data
2.1 Create a Report Based on Excel Data
2.2 Modify a Report Generated from Excel Data
2.3 Update Data in a Report Based on Excel Data
Lab 2
3.0 Prompting with Parameters
3.1 Creating a Parameter Field
3.2 Using a Parameter to Select Records
3.3 Using a Parameter Field
3.4 Creating a Dynamic Value List
3.5 Importing a Pick List
3.6 Adding Parameter Values to Text Objects
3.7 Allowing Multiple Values in Parameters
3.8 Specifying and Limiting a Range for a Parameter
3.9 Using Parameters in Conditional Formatting
3.10 Sorting with a Parameter
3.11 Group Sorting with a Parameter
3.12 Using the Parameter Panel
Lab 3
4.0 Enhancing Report Functionality
4.1 Adobe Flash Integration
4.2 Group Data Hierarchically
4.3 Create a Dynamic Image
4.4 Create a Report Alert
4.5 Create a Geographic Map
4.6 Create a Barcode
4.7 Report Bursting
Lab 4
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