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Cisco Networking Essentials

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Internetworking
1.1 Introduction to Internetworking
1.2 The OSI Model
1.3 Ethernet
1.4 Wireless
1.5 Questions
2.0 TCP/IP
2.1 The DoD Model
2.2 The IP Address
2.3 IP Classes
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Level 2
1.0 IP Subnetting
1.1 What is Subnetting
1.2 Classless Inter-domain Routing (CIDR)
1.3 Subnetting
1.4 Variable Length Subnet Masks
1.5 Troubleshooting TCP/IP
2.0 Internetwork Operating System
2.1 Introduction to IOS
2.2 Passwords
2.3 Banners Hostnames & Descriptions
2.4 Configuring Interfaces
2.5 Saving and Verifying Configuration
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Level 3
1.0 Course Introduction
2.1 Bringing It Together
2.2 Building Route Tables
2.3 Distance-Vector Routing Protocols
2.4 Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
2.5 Verifying
3.0 Additional Routing Protocols
3.2 Open Shortest Path First
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Level 4
1.0 Layer Two Switching
1.1 Layer Two Switching
1.2 Spanning Tree Protocol
1.3 Switch Types
1.4 Configuring the Switch
2.0 Virtual LANs
2.1 VLAN Concepts
2.2 VLAN Trunking Protocol
2.3 Configuring VLANs
3.0 Advanced IOS
3.1 Router Components
3.2 Backup and Restore
3.3 Cisco Discovery Protocol
3.4 Using Telnet
3.5 Host 95
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Level 5
1.0 Access Lists
1.1 Types of Access Lists
1.2 Creating an Access List
1.3 Using the Access List
2.0 Wide Area Networks
2.1 WAN Basics
2.2 HDLC
2.3 PPP
2.4 Frame Relay
2.5 ISDN 95
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