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Access 2007

Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Exploring Access 2007
1.1 Opening Access 2007
1.2 Getting Started with Access 2007
1.3 Using a Database Template
1.4 Overview of the User Interface
1.5 Navigating in the Database
2.0 Building a Database
2.1 Create a New Database
2.2 Creating a Table
2.3 Managing Tables
2.4 Overview Table Relationships
Lab 1
3.0 Managing Data in a Table
3.1 Add Table Data
3.2 Modify Table Data
3.3 Sort Records
3.4 Filter Records
Lab 2
4.0 Working with Queries
4.1 Create a Query
4.2 Add Criteria to a Query
4.3 Sorting a Query Using Multiple Fields
4.4 Using AND and OR Operators
Lab 3
5.0 Design Forms
5.1 Creating a Form
5.2 View Data Using an Access Form
5.3 Create a Form Using the Form Wizard
5.4 Modify the Design of a Form
5.5 Format the Controls in a Form
Lab 4
6.0 Generating Reports
6.1 View an Access Report
6.2 Creating a Report
6.3 Create a Report Using the Report Wizard
6.4 Apply an AutoFormat to a Report
6.5 Prepare a Report for Print
Lab 5
Level 2
1.0 Working with Field Properties
1.1 Add a Primary Key to a Table
1.2 Insert, Delete, and Reorder Fields
1.3 Change a Field's Data Type
1.4 Change the Field Size
1.5 Adding a Caption
1.6 Create a List of Values for a Field
Lab 1
2.0 Creating Relational Databases
2.1 Understanding Table Relationships
2.2 Creating Relationships Between Tables
2.3 Enforcing Referential Integrity
2.4 Printing and Deleting Table Relationships
2.5 Overview Relationship Types
Lab 2
3.0 More on Queries
3.1 Create Query Joins
3.2 Relate Data Within a Table
3.3 Set Query Properties
3.4 Create a Calculated Field
Lab 3
4.0 Enhancing Forms
4.1 Design a Form Layout
4.2 Improve the Appearance of a Form
4.3 Add a Command Button to a Form
4.4 Create a Subform
Lab 4
5.0 Customizing Reports
5.1 Organize Report Information
5.2 Format the Report
5.3 Set Report Control Properties
5.4 Control Report Pagination
5.5 Summarize Report Information
Lab 5
6.0 Integrate Data With Other Applications
6.1 Import Data into Access
6.2 Export Data
6.3 Analyze Access Data in Excel
6.4 Export Data to a Text File
6.5 Merge Access Data with a Word Document
Lab 6
Level 3
1.0 Database Management
1.1 Compact and Repair a Database
1.2 Backing up Your Database
1.3 Editing Database Properties
2.0 Writing Advanced Queries
2.1 Create Unmatched and Duplicate Queries
2.2 Group and Summarize Records Using Criteria
2.3 Summarize Data Using a Crosstab Query
2.4 Create a PivotTable and a PivotChart
3.0 Simplifying Tasks with Macros
3.1 Create a Macro
3.2 Attach a Macro
3.3 Restrict Records Using a Condition
3.4 Validate Data Using a Macro
3.5 Automate Data Entry Using a Macro
4.0 Making Effective Use of Forms
4.1 Display a Calendar on a Form
4.2 Organize Information with Tab Pages
5.0 Making Reports More Effective
5.1 Include a Chart in a Report
5.2 Print Data in Columns
5.3 Cancel Printing of a Blank Report
5.4 Create a Report Snapshot
6.0 Maintaining an Access Database
6.1 Link Tables to External Data Sources
6.2 Determine Object Dependencies
6.3 Document a Database
6.4 Analyze the Performance of a Database
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