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Access 2002

Instructor: Dennis Taylor
Dennis P. Taylor has spent over 14 years presenting PC software training to individuals in classrooms and seminars, including employees at Amoco, IBM, and many other companies. He specializes in spreadsheet software and has co-authored several books for spreadsheets. Five years ago, he turned his attention to Excel spreadsheets and has become an Excel training specialist. Dennis brings a combination of in-depth knowledge and training experience to this course. Watch and Learn in minutes with Dennis.
Course Outlines
Level 1
1.0 Introduction to Access
1.1 Overview of Access
1.2 Tables
1.3 Forms
1.4 Queries
1.5 Reports
1.6 Section Summary
2.0 Creating a Database
2.1 Create a Blank Database
2.2 Creating a Table Using the Wizard
2.3 Creating a Table in the Design View
2.4 Creating a Table with Data Entry
2.5 Creating a Table by Importing Data
2.6 Section Summary
3.0 Table Utilities
3.1 Adding & Deleting Records
3.2 Adding & Deleting Fields
3.3 Printing Tables
3.4 Section Summary
4.0 Table Appearance
4.1 Hiding, Freezing, and Moving Columns
4.2 Fonts and Colors
4.3 Section Summary
5.0 Table Data Features
5.1 Finding & Replacing Data
5.2 Sorting Data
5.3 Filtering Data
5.4 Section Summary
6.0 Query Essentials
6.1 Setting Criteria
6.2 Wildcards
Level 2
1.0 Form Essentials
1.1 Creating Forms with AutoForm
1.2 Section Summary
2.0 Report Essentials
2.1 Exporting Reports
2.2 Using the Label Wizard
2.3 Section Summary
3.0 Field Properties
3.1 Date and Time
3.2 Custom Formats
3.3 Yes & No Fields
3.4 Default Value & Expression Builder
3.5 Validation Rule
3.6 Section Summary
4.0 Creating a Lookup
4.1 Limit to List
4.2 Section Summary
5.0 Importing and Exporting Data
5.1 Linking Data from Excel
5.2 Section Summary
6.0 Relationships
6.1 Creating Table Relationships
6.2 Enforcing Referential Integrity
6.3 Understanding Cascade Options
6.4 Printing Database Information
Level 3
1.0 Advanced Query Techniques
1.1 Reports Based on Parameter Queries
1.2 Setting up Calculated Fields
1.3 Overview of the Expression Builder
1.4 Creating Summary Queries
1.5 Section Summary
2.0 Access & HTML
2.1 Publishing Database to HTML Format
2.2 Data Access Pages
2.3 Section Summary
3.0 Merging Access into Word
3.1 Running the Merge
3.2 Section Summary
4.0 Action Queries
4.1 Running an Append Query
4.2 Running a Delete Query
4.3 Running a Update Query
4.4 Section Summary
5.0 Database Maintenance
5.1 Database Backup
5.2 Section Summary
6.0 Advanced Form Design
6.1 Creating & Using Form Controls
6.2 Calculated Controls
6.3 Section Summary
7.0 Advanced Form Modification
7.1 Adding Fields
7.2 Adjusting Tab Order
7.3 Section Summary
8.0 Advanced Report Design
8.1 Modifying Controls
8.2 Adding Controls
8.3 Sorting and Grouping Report Data
8.4 Working with the Pagebreak Control
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